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Assemblying a cook kit for bikepacking can be a fun task, but there are so many options and price levels that you can choose. I've assembled what I think is an affordable and functional cook kit for bikepacking that won't break the bank.

Cook Set:
Titanium Spork:
Can Opener:

#bikepacking​​​ #cycletouring​​​

Old Phone Holder -​​​
Brooks Proofide -​​​
Brooks Saddle -​​​
Pedals -​​​
Bike Pump -​​​
Portable Stove -​​​
Tent -​​​
Bar Ends -​​​
Cook Kit -​​​
Cycling Socks -​​​
Gorilla Clip -​​​
Cycling Shorts -​​​
Battery Pack -​​​
Bigger Battery Pack -​​​
Cycle Touring Tires -​​​
Frame Pack -​​​
Hammock -​​​
Cycling Camera -​​​

Camera -​​​
Lens -​​​
Microphone -​​​
Drone -​​​

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