2-Week Survival Backpack

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In this video I walk you through every piece of gear I keep in my Survival Backpack. With this bag I have everything I need to survive for at least 2-weeks in the wilderness on foot.

I've spent several years experimenting with and optimizing the contents of this bag, and have reached a point that I feel I could handle most outdoor situations with the gear that's inside. I'm glad to be able to share what I've learned with you!

Backpack - https://cahlen.org/OspreyRook
Penny Whistle - https://cahlen.org/PennyWhistle
Whistle Case - https://cahlen.org/WhistleCase
Camp Spork - https://cahlen.org/CampSpork
Fire Starter - https://cahlen.org/FireStarter
Headlamp - https://cahlen.org/Headlamp
Hair Brush - https://cahlen.org/HairBrush
Qi'hasur - https://cahlen.org/Qihasur
Mattress Patch - https://cahlen.org/MattressPatch
Repair Tape - https://cahlen.org/RepairTape
Chlorine Dioxide - https://cahlen.org/ChlorineDioxide
Folding Saw - https://cahlen.org/FoldingSaw
Sawyer Squeeze - https://cahlen.org/SawyerSqueeze
Wireless Earbuds - https://cahlen.org/WirelessEarbuds
Whistle - https://cahlen.org/SixFunctionWhistle
Laptop Case - https://cahlen.org/LaptopCase
Laptop - https://cahlen.org/ChromebookPro
USB Battery - https://cahlen.org/BatteryPack
Wireless Mouse - https://cahlen.org/WirelessMouse
USB Charger - https://cahlen.org/USBCharger
Food Container - https://cahlen.org/FoodContainer
Minute Rice - https://cahlen.org/MinuteRice
Coconut Oil - https://cahlen.org/CoconutOil
Peanut Butter - https://cahlen.org/PeanutButter
Camp Pot - https://cahlen.org/ToaksCampPot
Camp Stove - https://cahlen.org/CampStove
Solar Charger - https://cahlen.org/SolarUSB
Waterproof Socks - https://cahlen.org/WaterproofSocks
Waterproof Gloves - https://cahlen.org/WaterproofGloves
Camp Shovel - https://cahlen.org/CampShovel
Tent Stakes - https://cahlen.org/TentStakes
Medical Kit - https://cahlen.org/MedicalKit
Sleeping Bag - https://cahlen.org/SleepingBag
Sleeping Pad - https://cahlen.org/SleepingPad
Bivy Sack - https://cahlen.org/BivySack
Tarp Shelter - https://cahlen.org/Tarp
CamelBak - https://cahlen.org/CamelBak
Titanium Bottle - https://cahlen.org/TitaniumBottle
Bug Net - https://cahlen.org/BugNet
Rain Jacket - https://cahlen.org/RainJacket
Pack Towel - https://cahlen.org/PackTowel
Rain Pants - https://cahlen.org/RainPants

Let me know if you have any questions or gear recommendations for me.

Thanks for watching!
Cahlen Lee

I am probably wrong about at least one thing I said in this video. Please do your own research before putting this information into effect.

Please read my Public Notice: https://cahlen.org/notice

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