On-Person Survival Gear

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I recently made a video walking through all of the gear I keep in my 2-Week Survival Backpack. This video is a followup to that which shows you all of the gear and clothes I carry on my person.

With the items I carry on me, even when I don't have my backpack, I have everything I need to survive a night or two out in the wilderness. Apart from the survival benefits of the clothes setup, it's also the only outfit I need for any normal life activity.

I plan to do individual videos about many of the items shown, but considering the precarious world situation I figured I should make a quick video giving you the specifics in case you'd like to prepare yourself.

Walking Staff - https://cahlen.org/WalkingStaff
ConcealShield - https://cahlen.org/ConcealShield
Stealth Survival Phone - https://cahlen.org/StealthSurvivalPhone
Hollow Tube Earbuds - https://cahlen.org/HollowTube
USB Lighter - https://cahlen.org/USBLighter
Polyester Hat - https://cahlen.org/PolyesterHat
Waterproof Gloves - https://cahlen.org/WaterproofGloves
Polyester Jacket - https://cahlen.org/PolyesterJacket
Polyester Shirt - https://cahlen.org/PolyesterShirt
Polyester Thermal Top - https://cahlen.org/PolyesterTop
Neck Knife - https://cahlen.org/NeckKnife
Tactical Belt - https://cahlen.org/TacticalBelt
Leatherman Wave - https://cahlen.org/LeathermanWave
Tactical Pants - https://cahlen.org/TacticalPants
Can Opener - https://cahlen.org/CanOpener
Metal Pipe - https://cahlen.org/MetalPipe
Tactical Flashlight - https://cahlen.org/TacticalFlashlight
Nicotine USP - https://cahlen.org/NicotineUSP
Wool Underwear - https://cahlen.org/WoolUnderwear
Polyester Buff - https://cahlen.org/PolyesterBuff
Waterproof Shoes - https://cahlen.org/XeroBoots
Waterproof Socks - https://cahlen.org/WaterproofSocks
Wool Socks - https://cahlen.org/DarnTough

Let me know if you have any questions or gear recommendations for me.

Thanks for watching!
Cahlen Lee

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