c0ff33 vlog 12 June 2020

in DTubelast year (edited)

Hectic week at work hampered by a mystery pain in my left foot - you could make a movie about that!


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Hmmm... Trying to make an estimate of the number of times the phrase 'hurty foot' was used...

I was counting on fingers... Then toes... Then I had no way of keeping an ongoing tally... Especially as I was also trying to keep track of gear changes...

My suspicion is that it would be easier to calculate the number of times Trump put his non-hurty-foot in his mouth this week .

Doc Brown, yup I see it hehe 😁

API nodes and blahblahblah... Seriously I am an utter technophobe so understood zero of that section of the vlog lol.

I guess if people comment under witness updates, it should be witness related... What you do is cool, you produce blocks etc. You promote engagement and such but I am gonna be honest my friend.

I am far more impressed by the fact that you are an utterly, nice relatable dude whose engagement is awesome!

Are your staff returning to work soon? It will be incredibly nice for you to take things a little easier and delegate more, maybe take a day or two off? ((nope I thought not 😁 ))

Take massive care, you Northern powerhouse, you. We will cross paths soon I am certain, and not just because I owe you about 95 replies lol. 😎

Quote of the day...

Do you watch pointless? No cos it's pointless... 😁

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