My views of HF23

in DTube3 years ago (edited)

Here are just my thoughts on HF23 which does seem extremely controversial and you start to question where is STEEM heading to.

  • Will there be a huge dump of STEEM on all exchanges with the power down decreased to only 1 month ?
  • Will there be a surge of new users with people dumping steem and its allows more people to buy STEEM ?
  • Is your funds safe as this HF23 will compromise a list of accounts ?

A lot of questions comes out from this HF. I guess only time will tell what the outcome would be. Have safe day all.

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All the account blacklisting seen in both the HIVE and now STEEM project has simply highlighted the failure of DPoS Governance to maintain the integrity of the respective blockchain ledgers.

Regardless of what STEEM will do in this next HF, the vulnerability has been exposed and investors would just as well trust exchanges as a place to park wealth as the HIVE/STEEM blockchains.

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