Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge - With SPARK PIXIES.

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I hope you're having a great day!

Welcome to my another Splinterlands Battle Challenge.

In this post; I'll share my winning match with SPARK PIXIES in splinterlands.
And with this post; I'm going to join SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! - with SPARK PIXIES and in Hive.

To get a clear view of the match... you may watch the match yourself in steemmonsters.com through the following link.
Link to the match.



In the Burning Lands, the force of electricity is barely understood; it is considered a form of fire. These small but powerful living sparks bring fire through the natural electricity they carry. They are extremely fast, and as a group, they can burn a village in mere minutes. Source

Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: FIRE


  • I just finished tagging splinterlands and spt.
  • So, to explain my lineup... Why did I use the cards I did? And why in that order?
    Yeah about that... In this match; I've played with fire splinter.
    As I need to show a battle with SPARK PIXES, I had to play the match with fire splinter.
    This is my first time playing with this card.
    I didn't have this card in my collection so I went to the market and bought one... actually I bought 5 cards and then sold 4 cards as I didn't found em so helpful.
    Yeah this card is fast for it's high speed but I didn't like it for it's low health.
    But I had to play with this card for the contest so tried it although I didn't win the match.
    SO... here's me with my opponent.
  • Let's see my lineup.


As CERBERUS is a melee attack monster... so I definitely had to use it at the front. And it had abilities as "Heal", "Retaliate" and it's melee attack was 3. With the help of my summoner; it's melee attack became 4 which was just awesome.


With the "Reach" ability... this card can become a great asset. My Giant Roc had 2 melee attack with a big health as 5. With the help of my summoner; it's melee attack became 3. I just love this card .


After using CERBERUS and GIANT ROC; I had much mana left for the match so I used my anther favorite card PRISMATIC ENERGY. This is one of my favorite card for it's high health, speed and "reflect" ability.


I still had many mana left. So I used this card with high mana for it's high health and attack power. It does nice job with it's abilities.


This one eyed giant is very strong and healthy for it's health level and attack power. With 3 ranged attack and 7 health; it can be a great asset sometime for match with high mana cap.


Then Spark Pixies...
The card that I needed to use for the contest.
I didn't win this match with the help of all these card but...
I've seen something amazing with this card.
Spark Pixies fought till the last second of the match.
They attacked my opponents one by one serially with nice speed which I liked a lot actually.

That's all for now. I'll come with an interesting post again.

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