Israel Tried to Change the Rules of Engagement in Lebanon Got its Fingers Burned

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Israel is not happy with the continuous failures piling up in its aggressive and expansionist project in the region, how can it bring more European and other settlers to occupy more land in the Levant if it cannot grab more land and resources and is losing wars and confrontations it starts against the Semite people in the Levant?!

The latest was a series of events starting on Wednesday evening when 4 missiles were shot from southern Lebanon into Israeli settlements in northern Palestine, nobody killed, this is not the first time such sporadic missiles get fired, the usual response would be Israel fires back artillery at the posts it believes the missiles were fired from and it's another day since the war it waged against Lebanon in 2006, and lost it.

Israeli new regime of inexperienced lunatics and war criminals want to prove themselves more worthy of leading their colonial apartheid regime than the previous war criminal they just unseated Netanyahu, so they thought of grabbing more homes in Al Quds (Jerusalem), they got warning shots from Gaza, they waged a massive bombing campaign, they got bombed and begged to stop the incoming missiles from Gaza, meanwhile, their forces on highest alert since last year when the IDF terrorists bombed a house near Damascus killing a Hezb Allah soldier in his residence, the soldier is assigned to protect a religious shrine nearby from ISIS and other Al Qaeda terrorist attacks, Hezb vowed to kill an Israeli IDF terrorist in response.

On Wednesday and after the previous failures, the Israelis thought it's their chance to at least change the set of rules of engagement in southern Lebanon, after the usual retaliation against the posts where the missiles were fired from, they carried out an aerial bombing, the first since 2006, the response today by Hezb Allah was stunning, detailed here: Israel Bombs Southern Lebanon Gets Bombed by Hezb Allah, and Stunned.

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Israeli war criminals using Americans money to commit their crimes and steal more land.

And in western media, they'll claim they're the victims and under attack, the non-surprising but strange thing is that the consumers of western media will believe them! Let's see this time if they can fool those Sheeple as usual.

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