China Combating Western Mainstream Media Terror Campaigns - Finally

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This is a part only of the full video, the full video contains footage that some users might deem disturbing therefore I uploaded the full video to my site:
Finally, China Countering NATO Propaganda about its Terror Combating

You can call it 'state propaganda' if it suits you, at least they show real footage, unlike the US's state propaganda. And being a Syrian, myself, witnessing the level of lies the US propaganda can reach to destroy a sovereign country I believe the Chinese version and do not believe any single word coming from the US-allied mainstream media even if they are giving today's date and day of the week.

At least the Chinese authorities are working to maintain peace in their own country on their own land, while the western camp led like Sheep by the US is creating instability and chaos in countries targeted with their propaganda.

Give me a single place where the US-led intervention has enhanced the lives of the local people and that has not come at a very high humanitarian cost on the population they claim they're helping, and I can give you dozens of places where they committed genocide, mass murders, destruction, and looting of riches and wealth, you can start with Syria, one of the most secure and secular countries in 2010 to one of the world's largest disasters afterward with the importing of hundreds of thousands of terrorists from all side of the globe crossing multiple borders to reach Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and then smuggled into my country, and not ending with Libya, Iraq, Somalia, do you remember Somalia and the US intervention there? What about the thriving democracy in Afghanistan? The country was much more secular and open before the US intervention first which led to the Soviet invasion and later the continuous US occupation for the past 19 years and counting.

There's a reason I call the Western countries and their stooges namely the USA, the UK aka 'Britain and the wilful colonies', and France and their camp as the 'Hypocrite Evil Criminal Humanitarian Bastards'.

I'm not defending the Chinese authorities, they can speak for themselves, I'm denouncing the western criminal politicians and their accomplices in the western mainstream media, the warmongering propagandists. I am glad that the Chinese are finally opening up and sharing this information, better late than never.

Call me an apologist for dictators if it also suits you, I'll call you a warmonger and propagandist for terrorists and their owners and the crimes they commit.

I'm a Muslim so you better be educated enough about Islam before trying to debate with me about my religion, I can easily trash you and will happily do so if I find you trolling, I will at the same time be more than happy to answer any question if I find you sincere in inquiring and you did some basic research available online before asking, you can also refer to any of my writings available everywhere on the web just in the search engine type this: "arabisouri" 'search term' / or this: "Arabi Souri" 'search term'.

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Your objective comments are always welcome.

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i didn't know china has the same problem like us. it is very bad there just like what the chinese erdogan brought from china are doing in idlib and aleppo

I didn't know about all this happening in China, thankfully they started talking and letting the world know and also no idea why they were silent all these years? For what?