It's Either New Round of Battles or Intensive Talks in Idlib

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Syria and Iran are suspicious of the hasty ceasefire agreed between Russian Putin and the Turkish madman Erdogan early last month in Moscow, one of the main articles of the agreement which is to open the Aleppo - Latakia Highway to civilians and push away Turkey-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists is not yet implemented.

Despite the international lock-down on flights, the Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif arrived in Damascus and met President Bashar Al Assad, the topic they discussed must be very serious especially that Erdogan and Trump didn't stop their acts of aggression and breaching of Syria's sovereignty, on the contrary, they've taken advantage of the above-mentioned ceasefire and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to increase their hostile activities in Syria.

Immediately after the meeting in Damascus, the Kremlin stated that a phone conversation took place between President Putin and Erdogan which they emphasized on the sovereignty of Syria, Erdogan's acts on the ground show otherwise.

More in the above report. For a full transcript and further analysis of the latest: Syria and Iran Suspicious of Turkish Commitment to Moscow Understandings.

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i hope our army is allowed to fight the terrorists and their turkish sponsors without russia making new ceasefire again.

Each time the Syrian army is advancing there would be a ceasefire agreement between the Russians and the Saudis then the Russians and Erdogan... In the meantime the terrorists bring more reinforcement and our suffering continue.