STEEM YA LATER - Blockchain Blog Archival Tool - Open Source Release and Development LiveStream

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As promised, I am releasing the Steem Ya Later Blog Archive Tool which you will be able to use to download any live images on your Steem blockchain blog.

Github Repository

It also saves the markdown for all posts as text files. This is a good contingency in the event any front ends stop hosting them for whatever reason. I will also be offering this as a service so developing a bot which you may watch in real time along with my usual antics and sidebar rants.


  • Demo the tool on a blog
  • Develop the service Python bot
  • Research Skynet prospect for hosting

First 10 to resteem this post will receive a complimentary blog archival. Myself and colleagues will be offering this as a service in the future for only 5 SBD to cover time to compress, upload and provide shareable link.

Look forward to helping make sure your data is SAFU!

Shoutout to my boy @steemseph for letting me use his tunes. Check him out on bandcamp to show your support for our fellow Steemian!

I had to snatch up the whole discography. Now I don't have to worry about copyright claims on my streams. Thanks brotha man!

▶️ DTube
▶️ YouTube

Stream starts at 9:05 PM. Grabbing a smoke! See ya soon

Thanks for featuring my music!
OMG some of those older songs... don't scare anyone away!

Do work!!! I have been catching bits and pieces, kids, dinner, and now a movie... Great Job👍🏻👍🏻

Yeah, I went on about a number of unrelated topics and rants. Threw in a few diamond ideas. Hopefully, my adversaries weren't tuning in.

Sorry for the audio issues yall and if I went on too many tangents.

I'll work on upping the presentation. Maybe we do some SFR meetings, townhalls etc.

Looks Awesome!

Thanks! I'm working on updating it for batch operations now as well as logging. You're in the queue for backup. Thanks for the resteem!

You are welcome and thanks for putting me in the queue!

I am looking forward to having a backup of my stuff. I have been wondering about how to do exactly that lately so finding your project was right on time!


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