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The Simulation
Album: Age Of Reason
Artist: Alao
Animation: Villanimation Studio's

As I walk through the valley and travel the groves.
Reflecting on my life down this off beaten road.
Writing these poems. Inspired by insight that is shown.
The brightness alone expands the mind and shatters the bone.

I'm gone
I'm Fueling up my spaceship.

So long
About to leave the matrix.

I'm on
Top of the equation.

Come on
Let's break the simulation

I'd rather speak the truth than pleading the 5th.
It's time for the few to become talented 10th.
Travelers sent from the stars that shine in the sky.
To challenge the lie, make a change and open our eyes.

I'm a stay fly but not by the brand of my shoes.
The plan that I choose is all about handling clues.
To expose the ruse I'm hoping it emboldened the few to open their view
And see the light that shines within you.

Sometimes I feel like I'm caught up in a nightmare,
and it seems the theme isn't quite clear.
So I fight fear with ideas
That traveled light years just make it right here.

Get Down
To the music that I'm making

That sound
Is the train leaving the station

We're bound
By our trials and tribulations

Right now
We can break the simulation

We interweave, move and shape the design.
Compassionate minds caught within the passage of time.
The fractal defines the change is when the cast is in line.
To transfer the shrine wholly owned by all that's divine.

Even these rhymes are limited their rapped and produced.
Shout-out to Shad for sharing that glimmer of truth.
Knowledge is fruit nourished from the sun and the leaves
We water the roots so we can pick from the tree.

A wise man once told me we you know nothing,
and our attachments and suffering is why karma exist.
But as we persist in our journey to understand self,
the destination is just as important as the ride so stay fly.

My spirit has awaken

I will not be forsaken

The road
That few have often taken

Can show
How to break the simulation.

This is my decree from the seat soul
Breaking the mold indeed has taken its toll
But still I flow and move with the river within
Finding these gems hiding in the ball of my pen.

If I'm all in to win I better prepare.
Life is a snare you either gotta fight or adhere.
Challenging fear the truth is right beneath the veneer
So all we gotta to do now is shatter the mirror.

To Break the Simulation, break the simulation, break the simulation, break the simulation

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