Happy birthday @mammasitta

in Poem lovers3 years ago


The world turn up place for the wicked but surprisingly, some people choose not to be wicked

Of course good people are hard to find, but some still exist

There are still people looking for solution to the problem of the world, there are those that want good for people

There are good heart ♥ people, there is Silvie

There are those that just want to help, and didn't want anything in return; there is @mammasitta

I know those that I can't forget in my life; I know those that make my steemit journey's amazing; I know mammasitta

Only the old steemians like 5 years back would know who mammasitta really is

If you join steemit 4 years back, you should know @steemitaustria, you should know @massivevibration, you would know the European woman you should know @mammasitta


If you know steemit from start, then you should know who Iluh Cempaka is; you should know she own 20th of September

Iluh is the only one that knows music 🎶 language more than any other languages

I imaging how beautiful you were when you were young. If age can be reversed, I wish you are young again.

That age is just a number; we both know that and I care for you like you care for me. Happy birthday beautiful @mammasitta

  I love you

So so so sweet of you to think about me!!!! 🌹 I am so speechless about your lovely words

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