Gotta love trimming day :D

Here is some lemon amnesia skunk , absolutely beautiful




These are some frosty nugs , i cant wait till the cure is done.


Those nugs must really make your gloves sticky! :-)

Nice job, You on Weedcash?

Im pretty sure thats where ibshared it . Correct me if im wrong

Yes the steem community is not very active anymore, the weedcash community is over on hive and can be found at

I'm attempting to support what's left of the weed community over her as well as on hive. I don't have much SP here right now, but I'm trying to build it up a bit as I go.

Thanks for the resteem 😀

Those nugs must really make your gloves sticky! :-)

Im trying to get over to hive , just trying to figure out which fn password to use :(

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