Cannabis Stocks in Canada now worth pennies ...

I’m not sure if anybody here on the Weedcash Network has been following the price of Cannabis Stocks in Canada. As you know Canada legalized Recreational Cannabis on October 17 2018.

Some companies like Canopy Growth, CGC reached Market Caps as high as $20 Billion Dollars.
Today Canopy has a Market Cap of around $ 5 Billion USD.

But look at some of these smaller players ..... .07 cents ?

Almost as cheap as #Weedcash

I might pick up a few shares at these prices. I set up a WealthSimple Trading Account so I can trade $100 with no fees.



Source: WealthSimple

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Too much growth and supply too fast. Now we'll just have to see which companies can survive or if there's consolidation in the group.

Yeah... I guess there will be lots of green houses for cheap. The big Canopy will buy them all up.

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