How To Turn Your WeedCash Into EOS

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What's up Steem! Last week I did a guide on how to trade your EOS for WeedCash. Now I will show you how to trade your Weed for EOS/Weed. Turning your Weed into EOS is very easy. All you need is an EOS Wallett. I am new to this space of the crypto world, so the only Wallet that I know of is Scatter. Just follow that link, and get your EOS Wallet today.


This is just a start to something big for the Weedcash Network. EOS is a top 10 crypto currency! So when your making Weed by creating content, curation, WeedMM, or WeedM you are not only making Steem, but you are also making EOS! Think about that? That's crazy talk. Except it is true! Just think about this one too, you make more Weed also just by staking! The show is just getting started, I envision big things for the Steem Block Chain, powerd by The Weedcash Network. Grow Logs, reviews, News, and more! The potential for the Steem Cannabis community is unlimited.

Step 1

Go to your Steem-Engine wallet, and click the withdrawl button on top right
Screenshot (19).png

Step 2

Select the Weedcash EOS (EOSWeed)

Screenshot (20).png

Step 3

Key in amount and EOS username

Screenshot (21).png

**Note: First send the minimum amount allowed to make sure you are doing it right. You do not want to lose your funds!

After withdrawing, a screen will pop up informing you that your Weed has been sent to @eos-peg

Screenshot (22).png

Step 4

Go to the Newdex Weed Market to see if your Steem Weed is now EOS Weed

Screenshot (23).png

My Steem Weed is now EOS Weed!

Now you are ready to trade on the EOS Exchange, Newdex. So simple. Just sell your Weed as you would on Steem-Engine, but instead of Steem, you are doing it for EOS. If you have any more questions, please join the Weedcash Discord, or Telegram.. Please not that nothing in this post is to be taken as financial advice.




Tnx for the explanation! !trdo

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No problem. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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Thats cool. Honestly havent looked at the other exchange yet. Managing too many as it is, lol. Right now i am still just trying to build the steem stack. Great write up though!

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So cool. Looks kinda simple - I'd love to set it up for our tribe too but... I'm a bit of a spaz when it comes to all this... ugh.

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