Alligator hunting on #themorningbowl

Good morning y'all.. today is Sunday and since there's no more NFL football I gotta find a different mrans of entertaining myself.. and masterbation only lasts so long.. so I'm inside on these couch rolling a joint and making fun of Emily's choice in TV programming...


Alligator hunting..

How bout a Sunday contest.. best alligator meme wins 5 STEEM...

Here's some motivational music to help you along the easy..

Peace out y'all.. Dave



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You sound smoove as a Cajun Queen! Couch and swamp people sounds like a good way to morning bowl.

Lame ass Partiko still won’t allow pasting an image in a reply (despite promising way back when) so I will have to get your gator meme when I get back to the computer.

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True story Dave, I was in the Everglades 8 years ago before moving to the west coast. I was actually yelled at by a park ranger for getting too close to an alligator. I was trying to sneak up on it to see if I could actually get close enough to touch it. But it crept away as I got a few feet away from it. By that time I heard the words, "You getting a little too close there sonny." I look up and it is a park ranger.

Lol... funny I was telling Beth and Emily a story about the time I was coming back from Everglade City with my friend @hustleking ... I had just bought a news digital camera and was taking pics when this huge gator flopped back into the canal about 10 feet from where I was standing and taking pictures..


alligator meme.jpg

white alligators.jpg

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