Buying 420 Weedcash (EOS) on Newdex. You can use for a free eos account to trade on newdex with.

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Free EOS account here

I am using the front end to make this post AND I can also just use @appics app Esteem Any steem front end or just or any steem engine tribe as long as I use #weedcash as one of the hashtags in the post! The post then shows up on the weedcash front end and is eligible for weedcash tokens. if we can get enough users on steem then weed cash will inevitably become the go to cannabis community, of course some will try to compete and copy weedcash with a eosio token dapp and dac but we will be the first with an EOS DAC for Legalization proposal funds.

This @eosdac constitution for example will be replicated over to Weedcash for the weedcash constitution for weedcash DAC, using eosdac Dac Factory front ends weedcash will be using as soon as its out on (I am talking about a turn key DAC system for EOS tokens as accessible to turn on and start as any steem engine tribe.

Now this is the same EOSDAC system I will be using for @sandiegocoin AND which I will be helping Steem Engine ENG (EOS) and PAL use for their DAC needs. You can see how others have already used eosdac front end like or

I plan to use these Custodian voting DAC system which pays out proposal funds, to replace the local city government system and replace tax based income. Taxes can remain and be used to buy back tokens or we can have tax money go right from Point of Sale devices DIRECTLy to the smart contract to buy back tokens for SAND or for a potential Parking meter system.


PARK dapp and PARK token could be an incredible system for the CIty of San DIego to monetize all parking spaces and automatically buy SAND or PARK with each purchase of parking spaces bus tokens or even the paying off of Bus Tokens as cryptocurrency tokens. Cities could make their payment systems mandatory to do business in their jurisdiction with smart contracts automatically filling up the cities coffers like a smart sales tax.


I look forward to coming up with a Local City SAND box using Steem EOSIO Telos for E Government solutions with Free Accounts for all San Diegans, and even Worbli and Wax for worldwide asset exchange and KYC AML compliant system so I can make sure SAND DAPP users are all locally based using Worblis ID scanning abilities.

With Worbli we can have Chainrift do a KYC approved token sales of SAND for use in the SAND dapp. So users can still buy Steem EOS and telos SAND which will all be backed with each other, but the worbli SAND could end up being more valuable for use as aKYC approved dapp. i could do serious local finance for businesses schools, even houses families can have tokens and be traded on Newdex. SAND has its own chain via and with the EOSIO main net using Strong Block's service, SAND has the ability to have its OWN Newdex Trading Zone. We can then have tokens Under SAND for various businesses and organizations inside San Diego. I can list every company that exists in San Diego with GPS and send a USPS approved NFC telos enabled stamped letter with private keys for that particular address. The business can then use Google Business directory verification to verify the ownership of the business listing. We can then allow every Block every neighborhood every small business to have a token, automatically deployed, and we can have our own NASDAQ for local businesses to quickly and easily raise capital online with Social media like SAND on EOS and Steem and VOICE providing the money for all the users to actually purchase these tokens.



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