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Dear steemians ,Accept special greetings from @wirngo ,from the northwest region of Cameroon ,precisely from the chef town of Bamenda.permits to explain to you guys how my day unfolded.My day was a very busy one ,having a lot of activities to carry out but am glad I was able to achieved the most important tasks for the day .I got from bed bed early inthe morning at 5:30am,did my morning meditation 🧘‍♀️ as usual .Went to the kitchen ,washed my hands and heated water to baths my kids.

At 6:30am my 3years -8months son was up from bed .I asisted to baths him after, prepared his lunch box with snacks to take to school .Also,Iwent tothe kitchen made tea and bread as breakfast for my family .When we were all done taking our breakfast.At 7:30am left the house with my son go and keep him in school .On our way to their schools we took some snapshots in fronts of the house before leaving.



We went to roadside to boarder a taxi to my son,s school .I discovered there was traffic .I instead took a bike to their school ,I went and kept him in their class . Left from there to roadside to buy fresh Huckleberry that can cook in the afternoon .Luckily while there I saw varieties of Huckleberry ,I bought some inside the sack bag .


Later,boarded a cab back to my destination.I arrived home changed my dress and wore my house dress.I went to the kitchen took a tray ,went to balcony sat on the chair ,removed huckleberry from the sack bag and started fixing the huckleberry.


Around 12:30 pm I was done fixing my huckleberry.It was almost closing time for my son in school .I left the house boarded a cab to their school to take my son .I went there and discovered they were playing with their teachers outside .I stayed for sometime watching how they are playing .After some few minutes it was closing time ,I took my son from school .


We went out from the school campus and boarded a taxi back to our destination .We arrived home and my son physically appearance looking so tiring .I asked my son to take nap .I went to the kitchen washed my fixed huckleberry ,In 2:30minutes I was done preparing fufucorn and Huckleberry.



I asked my daughter in the house to go and served her food .I was very feeling very tired . Later ,I went to the bathroom freshened up ,Laid down on the couch to relaxed for some time .I decided to login on Steemit replied comments on my post ,read some articles ,commented and upvoted .


At 6pm my husband was back from work ,I waited for him to freshen up later, I went to the kitchen heated foods and served my family with fufucorn with vegetable and we ate .

Further I was feeling very dizzy ,at 8pm I greeted everyone by going to bed to take a nap .

 2 years ago 

I saw varieties of Huckleberry

Which one did you finally buy?

Only the aroma from the images, I'm going to have fufu corn with vegetable for lunch today. You had a full pack day, dropping the kid at school , pickinghim up and cooking for the family. I celebrate Women.

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 2 years ago 

Thanks you @fombae ,truly women are blessing to their families .They need to be celebrated all the time LoL

 2 years ago 

They, you are one oooooh. So I'm celebratign you

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

It's the kati kati for me
I like that food ehhh

I must say your son is so cute hihihi
He's your look alike

 2 years ago 

Thank you ,Kati Kati with fufucorn is one of my favorite meals .

 2 years ago 

Wow cool one there
Day go sweet so😊

 2 years ago 

Atell you oo


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