The Diary Game: A Morning without my phone 28/11/23

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Dear Diary,

It's really good to be back here tonight even when it looked as if it wasn't going to be possible. I hope the day wasn't disappointing in any any, well even if it was just remember that every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

I started my day well by inviting God to take control of the day activities, I then did the little house chores I could and left the rest for my siblings to take active part.

It didn't seem to me like it was going to be a boring day because the atmosphere did not appear in that way, but it was just my thought. I wish I knew electricity was going to be a problem today I would have curtailed the way I used my phone last night. But I can't eat my cake and have it back.

I relearnt my lesson today when I had hope in my neighbour's generator, Oh! how I forgot so soon that it is not good to have hope in a dead man's shoe.

I spent my whole morning and part of my afternoon without battery, obviously it wasn't cool if ask😟 I felt bad kind of, but then it served as my resting day.

I got to power my phone later in the afternoon, you needed to see the excitement on my face ( all thanks to the laundry man close to where I stay)

Already I was tired of staying indoor I needed some fresh breathe, I called my mentor @megareigns to know if he was at the shop and he answered affirmatively. I got dressed and went over to see him since it has been a while.

Before I got there, I came across this beautiful salon, and the sight of it was breath taking I couldn't help but capture it hoping to own one as magnificent as this someday



Then, I got to where my mentor was, I was so happy to see him, we talked at length about this amazing platform and he asked me how I was coping with school.

It was now time for me to say goodbye as the day was almost coming to an end. I left, but first I got to the market to get stuffs for food, the smile from the face of the lady I bought meat from was enough to make me smile too, she did her business with passion.


Thank you all for going through my post, hoping to read from you all .
 5 months ago 

It was really nice having you around. I'm really proud of the fit you've attained.

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