It’s time for NaNoWriMo🥳🥳🥳

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Helloooooo there steemians ! How are you doing ?


It’s officially November and I am extremely excited. Why ? Because NaNoWriMo is on a go and I plan to participate this year🥳🥳. November is writing month and I don’t celebrate this side of me enough despite having hundreds of thousands of reads on my books in various platforms lol… but yeah I’m a writer. Or at least the people who read my books seem to think I am😂.

Anyway, NaNoWriMo is a commemoration of national novel writing month where writers all over the world write one chapter per day for the entirety of November.

Oof ! Am I right ?

Anyway, in the past years, I’ve generally been to lazy to participate but this year, I’m going to give myself the drive to do so despite work, hospital, school, and steemit. This would probably be the most difficult month of the year for me but I’m rooting for myself and I’m going to get it !!

The book I will be writing for NaNoWriMo is ‘Desiring Mr Mafia’ and it is a mafia romance that has been dancing in my head for a year now😂. Trust me it’s going to be fun.


To ensure that I follow NaNoWriMo till the end, I decided to drag my siblings @benjamin09 and @rositankefor and one of my best friends Joshua with me. Benjamin and Rosita are still starters and not exactly doing NaNoWriMo yet but Joshua is one of the best writers I know and he’s doing it. You guys will meet him soon as he will soon join steemit.

Also, there are rules to NaNoWriMo:

-You are not necessarily writing everyday but for the month of November, you are expected to write at least 50k words or more of a novel or book.

-The novel or book belongs to you.

-Only the words written in November are counted.

I may drop random updates on my progress here from time to time and root for me guys🥺🥰🥰.

To all the writers joining NaNoWriMo, let’s do this !

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Wow I have learned something new from you . I did not know there was a month like this

 last year 

You’re welcome

 last year 

This is really great! I hop to reach this your level one day😅

 last year 

😂😂one day na one day

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Hello @trayckierra
This is a good project for writers, please is it open for everyone? Like can I participate or I am late let me know please. Because I am interested

 last year 

You can participate ohh. Today is the first day so you’re right on time.

 last year 

Wow this really sounds nice. Things like this broaden the capacity of you imagination.

 last year 

For real. Thanks for reading

 last year 

Wow this is great. Projects like this broaden the capacity of you imagination

 last year (edited)

We're doing this girl! I was going to drop a post about Nanowrimo too. I'm glad I won't be on this journey alone on this platform. I'm taking up the challenge with you and I already started this morning 🤭🤭.
Girl mafia romance 😏😏 hope there isn't much kinky stuff in your head. I'd love to read your novel at the end of the month.
Go girl!

 last year 

😂😂😂yasss nano partner.
Girl of course there is kinky stuff🌚🌚
Thank youuu. Which genre are you writing?

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