Happy International Day of the Girl Child !🥳

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Happy International Day of the Girl Child !🥳

Digital generation. Our generation.

Who runs the world? Girls!🥳

You can say that again.

Who runs the world? Girls.🥳

The girl child is the pinnacle of the society. Yes indeed. It is from the girl child that principles of steadfastness, endurance, grace, nurturing and remarkable ingenuity are based on.

For generations, the girl child has been celebrated not only for her ability to be a blessing to whoever she is beside, be it in terms of as a child, a sibling, a partner or a parent, but for years on end she is celebrated for she posseses a throne of gold and glory capable of nurturing, growing and bringing life into this world. Her womb serves as the herald point from where all of humanity emerged.

This was the old way of thinking and while it is still true, women these days are much more than just breeders and home makers. It is said that what a man can do, a woman can do better. This isn’t meant to discredit men or look down on their great importance on this green earth. Simply, it means to say a woman is capable of taking small things and transforming them into greatness. A woman has the endurance, perseverance, and determination to do and excel in things, go past trials that most men would find themselves giving up on.😊

Even better in this our generation, where movements have been made to make the girl child’s voice heard and heard loud and clear, the girl child has gone past the shackles of being delegated to the kitchen to be so much more.

Doctors, lawyers, astronauts, pilots, builders, weightlifters, teachers and so many more. Women are excelling in all fields and it is no surprise. For someone whose voice has been silenced for so long by archaic beliefs and principles, this generation, the digital generation, our generation through the advent of the internet, all types of social media has exhalted the voice of the girl child and our cries, our pleas shall not be silenced anymore. Our grace can never be shadowed anymore.

The girl child is the pinnacle of civilisation and now that she knows her worth, her radiance shall fill the earth.😌😌

If you’re a male reading this, treasure the women in your life.

If you’re a girl child reading this, never forget your worth!

Thank you for reading🥰

 3 years ago 

Gender equality

 3 years ago 

More power to the girl child. More wings to every girl’s hustle for girls are no more vessels for producing babies. We thank God for today’s acknowledgement of the right of a woman and we also pray women don’t abuse it.

 3 years ago 

Interesting write up . thanks for the honour am proud to be a girl child

 3 years ago 

Thank you
You should be proud

 3 years ago 

🙌🏾🙌🏾We pray

 3 years ago 

Thanks for informing me oooo i never knew the was a day like this

 3 years ago 

Well now we know. Thank you for reading

 3 years ago 

Am proud to be a girl, a woman and mother. In my next world i will still love to be this gender. A country is addressed as a SHE because it's a woman who reproduces 😍.
Women are priceless and should be honored. Happy International Day of the girl child and to everyone who cherishes a woman.

 3 years ago 

Say it loud and say it proud

 3 years ago 

Girl's day❤️
I love girls that's why I can't marry a boy🤣
At times i sit and imagine if i came as a girl, but the idea of pregnancy, menstrual cycle, etc wipes off the thought😅

Girls are truly excelling everywhere, i love how they're being removed from the cocoon of belittlement.

Thanks for this

 3 years ago 

So your problems are pregnancy and menstruation abi?😂😂😂 ashia

And thank you.

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