Breast Cancer ; The hidden killer we ignore. Part 3

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Breast Cancer ; The hidden killer we ignore. Part 3

We have already ascertained by now that breast cancer is a killer and we are not paying enough attention to it.

So how do you assess your breast then for breast cancer?

To assess your breast for breast cancer, you can do a self assessment exam on yourself or a specialised individual can check you. To check the breast, the two main things you need are your hands 🙌🏾 and your eyes 👀. You need to be extremely vigilant and make it a habit of checking your breasts.

Using your eyes, you shall look at your breasts in a mirror for anything that does not seem normal to you. This is how you can see the signs that I will discuss subsequently.

Using your hands, you shall divide your breast into four imaginary parts, that is up, left, right and down. Then you shall feel the breast, gently massaging it on your rib cage from part to part to make sure no part of the breast is abnormal. Then you shall feel under your armpits for any swellings. Once this is done for one side, you can do the same for the other side and compare the two. They should be almost the same.

Report any abnormal findings or worries to your doctor.

Signs and symptoms

-Pain or discomfort in breasts
-Inverted nipple
-Lumps or mass in breast
-Peau d’orange or skin that looks like an orange peel.
-Bloody discharge from nipple
-Redness or swelling of the breast.

If you notice any of these signs, contact your doctor immediately.

Stay tuned for the next post on how to prevent and treat breast cancer. Thank you for your attention 🥰

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The worry that comes with suspecting you have one of these signs. Breast check is very important. Thanks for sharing.

 last year 

Thanks for this piece of work. It’s very educative

Important notice to 🩸us…we usually tend to underestimate this especially in our society nowadays!

 last year 

I like the fact that you break the write up for breast cancer in parts.
It's easy to assimilate.

 last year 

Thank you

 last year 

I pray this thing does not affect any of my love one because its deadly

Women should also aviod eating hot things in plastic papers to aviod cancer of the breast to

So they won’t eat hot fufu again!

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