The Diary Game 18-06-2022 | Rest day

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After successfully coordinating activities to commemorate the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on the 17th of June 2022, I decided to rest on Saturday.
Woke up really late at 10:00 AM and cleaned the inner part of my car. Cleaned my shoes, showered, and then left for the office at 11:30 AM. Worked for about 45 minutes and then there was an electricity supply failure .
Waited for a few minutes for the electricity to return but it didn’t.
As such, I went to eat lunch since I had not eaten anything since morning. I had rice, chicken and tomato sauce at a restaurant close the office.


After eating, I decided to go and watch the Bamenda 3 Council Veteran Tournament Semi Finals at Nibung Field at Mile 4 Nkwen. I got there when the first match was at prolongation. Unfortunately for me, the team I was supporting known as ASOWIBO F.C lost by one goal to zero to Bamenda City Veteran.
I met @wyzcekunited who was officiating as assistant referee during the first game. During the second game, he was the central referee and I’m proud of how much this dude has grown in his career.



The second game started with very heavy rain and at some point, the game was stopped due to the very heavy downpour. The game was between For Friends Veteran and Futru Veteran.



It rained for close to an hour and after the rain, there was a lot standing water on the pitch. The organizers and referees used a bench and buckets to reduce the water before they continued the game. At the end of the day, the team I was supporting, Futru Veteran beat For Friends Veteran by two goals to one.
I left the field at 17:00, drive home took my kids to the barbershop for a haircut.
From the barbershop, I went back to the office to complete the work I had started before the electricity failure.
Met @nforyembe and a few friends talking in front of the office when I got there. Joined the conversation while we ate boiled corn and groundnut.
We talked for a while and ended up sharing a drink.
Heard some nearby gunshots and hurriedly took my laptop bag to run home.
Got home at 20:30. Ate bread and completed the online stuff I had to do.
Showered and went to sleep.

 2 years ago 

Can you please explain to the court why you didn't have electricity at our office? 😁😁😁

 2 years ago 

Case adjourned ....

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