The Diary Game: 04-06-2022 | Meetings and Njangis

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First Saturday of the month is always a very busy day for for me as I have alumni meetings and njangis.
Was up early and washed the car. The kids made spaghettini and served me after I finished washing the car.


I took a few pictures in front of home before I left for the office. Yes.


Arrived office at 11.00 AM and worked for an hour before leaving for my first meeting.
GEOPHIC is an inter-departmental meeting we started while I was still working at Government Bilingual High School Bali.
It comprises of teachers from Geology, Physics, Chemistry and Electricity. The meeting runs from 12:00 to 15:00.
I was brief at GEOPHIC and after playing my njangi, I ate and left at 14:00.
I ate cornfufu, pumpkin leaves, huckleberry, and chicken. Drank a bottle of booster there.


Left GEOPHIC to the Futru field to watch my veteran play in the Bamenda 3 Council Veteran's tournament.
A bad day for us as we were beaten by one how to Zero.


My classmate and friend lost his dad last week and he was buried this week in the village. We couldn’t go because of the war in our region and this explains why a funeral mass and reception was organized in Bamenda at the Manda Catholic Church for church service and Futru Hall for reception.
I left the field and went straight to the hall to join my classmates who were already there to mourn our friend’s dad.


I was there till 16:00 before I left for town to complete some pending financial transactions.
Drove back home at 19:00 under heavy rains and had fish for super with the kids.
Watched a movie and crashed during the movie watching ….


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