Sculpture and Monuments in South Korea || South Korean Diary 006

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While in South Korea, I enjoyed a lot of beautiful sculpture and monuments.
The quality of the works are a clear indication that South Korea has very professional sculptors.


Just in front of the Coex building there was this very beautiful monument of PSY’s Gangnam Style. PSY is a Korean artist who’s author of the song Gangnam style that trended in Korea in 2013.
This beautiful monument was made and besides the monument is a tablet with a YouTube version of the song that people can enjoy.


Still around the Coex building, I found this amazing stone sculpture


Then around the Korean Trade Tower I found this Monument about a Trillion dollars deal. I’m kinda forgetting the amount but if the Koreans made a monument for a business deal, then it must have been a really huge profitable deal



As I walked the city, I could find really beautiful sculpture almost around every corner of the city. I caught a few on camera as you can see below;



And then there also these amazing inflated cartoons and plastic craft that were all really beautiful




I ❤️ South Korea 🇰🇷

 2 years ago 

I just can imagine much you enjoyed South Korea being a person who loves everything that enhances the environment. I long to see such in my country boosting our cultural heritage and particularity, not only made but preserved and improved upon.
Thank you for instigating the need to travel.

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