Steemit Weekly Planner Contest: Draw your Steemit Weekly Plan and win Steem and Booming upvotes

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In a bid to promote Steemit Weekly Planning, @thegreens is organizing the Steemit Weekly Planner Contest. The contest is simply aimed at promoting weekly planning in a bid to reduce plagiarism, increase steemit activity (blogging, upvoting, curating, commenting, and resteeming), and increase output (better networking, high earning, and qualitative creative writing)

@thegreens believes when you know what to do when to do it, and how to do it, you do it better within the shortest time frame.

What is A Steemit Weekly Plan?

Weekly planning is an activity to record, organize and strategize on your day-to-day activities for the week in a bid to keep track, stay focused and get the most work done.

A Steemit Weekly Plan hence is a record of the activities you want to do on Steemit during the week. It includes key aspects such as;

  • What you plan to blog about,
  • The number of posts you plan to drop on steemit during the week,
  • The number of days and the days you will like to blog on Steemit,
  • The number of hours you plan to spend on Steemit as well as the time you will be blogging during the week
  • The kind of content you plan to follow during the week (This is dependent on what you will be blogging about during the week),
  • The quantity and quality of upvotes you plan to give,
  • The number of comments and resteems,
  • The amount of Steem/SBD you plan to earn during the week, etc

When these key aspects are looked into, you will realize that drawing a weekly plan will become easy.

Example of a Steemit Weekly Plan

Today, we share @thegreens' Steemit Weekly Plan from 06 - 12 December 2021 as an example of a Weekly Plan to guide you to draw your own Steemit Weekly Plan.

Key aspects to note about @thegreens include;

  1. @thegreens is Country Representative for Cameroon hence obliged to curate and blog for @steem-cameroon as well as implement certain Steemit CR duties
  2. @thegreens is passionate about the environment and blogs about environmentalism
  3. @thegreens has The Greens Steem Bank hence will blog business
  4. @thegreens is a person, hence have a life to blog about.
  5. @thegreens is very passionate about #promo-steem and mentorship

Since @thegreens is a grassroots environmentalist, he principally blogs on environmentalism and this explains why in drawing up his Steemit Weekly planner, he begins by sharing an environmental quote on Monday, then shares an environmental poem on Tuesday, an art on Wednesday, music on Thursday, something he did to improve the state of the environment on Friday, and then any other thing.
From these, you realized he explores environmental art, music, poetry, quotes, and environmental action: giving him over five environmental posts to blog about during the week. What if he wrote two #diarygame posts, you will realize he already has over 7 items to blog about during the week.

This implies to draw a Steemit Weekly Planner, you must, first of all, identify what you are passionate about and then decide on how you will like to talk about your passion.

At the beginning of every week, @thegreens comes up with some key Steemit objectives for the week as follows;

  1. Attain a CSI Score of over 18 by curating over 100 posts during the week
  2. Comment on 35 - 50 posts
  3. Drop at least 20 posts on Steemit during the week
  4. Raise at least 20 SBD and power up 50% of the earnings

@thegreens' planner below gives you a clue of how many posts @thegreens will drop on Steemit during the week stating the day, and time of publication as well as some of the things @thegreens will be doing during the week:

Monday#Green Quote for the WeekSteemit Quote for the week and #DoubleDolphin status announcementCuration with @steem-cameroon/@thegreens and recommendations for booming and CR Weekly Report. Post for Steem Cameroon about the Cameroon Steemit Njangi
TuesdayPower up to #DoubleDolphinSteemit Weekly Planner Contest and Steemit AdviceCuration with @steem-cameroon/@thegreens and recommendations for booming. Post for @steem-cameroon about First Anniversary postponement
Wednesday#DoubleDolphin Celebration GiveawayCR Weekly ReportThe Greens' Steem Bank Promo and a post for @steem-cameroon about #booming and @steemcurator04 upvotes
ThursdaySP Achievement Pledge ReportCreative Writing Contest and Green Green Picture of the weekEcoDesigns fundraising to purchase a machine and curation with @thegreens. Steem Cameroon Anniversary Budget Post.
FridayGreen Poem of the Week5 Reasons why I prefer steem to any other cryptoPower Up Challenge thank you post, curation with @thegreens, and Review of Cameroonian Steemians blogs.
SaturdayGreen Art of the WeekEcoDesigns machine purchaseSteemit Awards Application
SundayThe Greens Steem Bank Weekly ReportCameroon Country Representative's Weekly ReportCuration with @thegreens
To take note of is the fact that @thegreens' curates and attends to Cameroonian steemians' worries on a daily basis.

From the weekly planner above;

  1. How many posts will @thegreens drop on Steemit during the week?
  2. How many posts will @thegreens drop for @steem-cameroon during the week
  3. How many posts would @thegreens have dropped if he was writing the #diarygame posts?
@thegreens believes when you know your passion, follow it, and effectively plan, your results will always be outstanding.

Benefits of Weekly Planning

Some of the benefits of using a weekly planner include;

  1. It makes you stay focused on your passion and pushes you to become more creative e.g. @thegreens now writes weekly poems and quotes about the environment and steemit
  2. It makes work easy and productive coz you know what to do ahead of time
  3. It teaches you how to say No to distractions because you want to achieve your weekly objectives
  4. It makes you become a better version of yourself in society, etc.

The Steemit Weekly Planner Contest

The contest requires you to talk about what you will be blogging about during the week, how many posts you will be reading and commenting on, the number of upvotes and resteems you plan to distribute as well as the number of posts you plan to drop on Steemit during the week.
It requires you to draw a Steemit Weekly Plan just like the example shared above.
Note should be taken that your Steemit weekly plan will be evaluated and followed up.
All entries should be posted in the Steem Cameroon community to be eligible for the booming upvotes.


The Greens will be giving out 10 Steem to the best three Steemit Weekly Plans plus 03 booming upvotes for their entries.

Contest Deadline

The contest is open from today till Monday 13th December 2021 at 12:00 Noon.

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Now is the best time to invest in Steem!

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The Greens is a grassroots environmental organization that strives to educate, inspire and engage young people to take action to combat climate change and be at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and waste management.

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Thanks for this amazing contest it worth putting it into action

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