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Hello There ,

Main based knowledge aligned that, there is power in the spoken words. And the true Creator did made all existence and existing things very possible via , His personal knowledge there in the spoken words . Of which He did further made it plained within His book of books , that powers of life and that of dead is in the tongue.

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About The 👅 Tongue

Here with such knowledge on human basic sense organs , among others such as mainly the human skin , ears . But here I didn't intended to list out sense organs on human body parts. Instead I would do get straight up to stress on human mouth of which I get picked out 👅 tongue . Do note , here I never undermind the teeth since it part of make up of the mouth.

What anyone should get know , is that human tongue beyond being our taste sense organ . It as well enabling human to articulate explicitly. You can't do have an explicit self spoken words expression , with no tongue . When your tongue isn't get ruling or functioning as ought , you can't get speak out explicitly. That , with kind of well understanding message passages . Note , without a well functioning 👅 tongue . Your intending speaking messages wouldn't get be understandable to given audience or family and friends.

My stress is that , before I do bring about my intended possible ways to deliver your head through the knowledge of spoken words from God.

You do need to know where the powers is , that the power of both life and death is given to human 👅 tongue . By the true Creator the I AM.

Ways to always get your head delivering through the knowledge of spoken words from God

The word of God isn't containing any lies or misrepresentation via projecting the world , and it's people.

The true Christ like and Christians ought to have their staying here on Earth , more like someone who happens to be on pilgrims. Because the world would always get know their own , but nowadays to an extreme extent reverse is the case. Here I acknowledge the scripture hast it that one shouldn't get judge anyone.

Instead I get very strict as towards providing given ways to get your head always deliver , through the spoken words from God.

Before you get a tongue , your mum did gave birth to you as a person's. Now already a grown human , for you to gain such place in the word . You do need to acknowledge an author of the word in Jesus Christ genuinely.

There , you do need to be transformed and never do get conforming to the doing of the world . As becoming part of the word through personal profession, of which you did gained through confession ,an acknowledgement of your passed deeds and forsaken of same.

Then , now gradually get engulf in studying the word. To have it dwell within you richly.

There you need get note , that in the word there are two main key towards possessing your possession. Those keys are such as :

  • The Work Key
  • The Faith Key

So reality is, you do need both keys to deliver yourself and anyone around you.

Note , you get gain both reasons for pestering studying of the word from God. As faith do come via repeating studying of the word of God. So do work , as the scripture hast it that . Jesus Christ did get started in prayers and do ended in prayers , so now you should know that prayers is the key.

Within the circle of work as key , there you do have prayers , praises , thanksgiving and testimony sharing.

While faith as key circle is more about boldness , state of being courageous and understanding towards presenting your burdens or cases to God.

Once do get all of that , hopefully nothing can be impossible . Except , do note that indeed God do allowing certain thing for a reason , upon such reason He do get specific lesson for the concern . And upon all there always a season for everything that get happening , as no evil shall do befall His.

This write up , came on me as a direct result of an inspiration gained from this post : ✓CREATIVE WRITING | WHAT DO YOU KNOW?



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