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Hello There ,

My kind and warm regards to each and everyone Steemian's.

Here Understanding Market And Personal Sense Of Application

That was my initial write up posted for some days now.

Here to get expand the original post , by getting create types for it.

Unlike , the widely known types of market . This very types of market are mainly about , market of life.

About Types Of Market Of Life

In this very live in which each human lives , there are factually difference ways in which . An individual human can get met their very want or need .

The determinant that , often get measured up whether an individual human . Can get meet all it's possible needs , is being usually get measure up . In form of money strength.

Only money can get make an individual person's or human pressing needs or an effective desires , to get actualized.

And when an individual do lack 💰 money or just being poor . Such a person's wouldn't be able to actualizing it's very desires and dream . Here on Earth.

So , the market of life . Here I get framed up those types by class would be suitable and fit in human life endeavouring.

And those types of market of life are as follows : open market , indoor or enclose market and real life market

So , here I would be getting each type on board briefly.

Open Market


As is being very visible around us within each of our town , and vicinity or community .

The open market mainly serves as a kind of market , that do exist within the streets . And any given designated or an assigned fixed place . There any given human who desires one good and the other , along corresponding amount of money to fetched them home. Can go to buy all it's very heart desires and needs.

Just as get seen above. But , if it get happens that . The given human do lack 💰 money to buy what he or her do desires . Then , such a person's can do stayed away from going to market. Because going is very risky.

Indoor Market


This very nature of market is that kind of market exist mainly in an enclosed form. Basically in forms of a supermarkets , malls or Marts , shops and stores .

Here all their available goods are well arrange , and most of them do get price tags on display upon each of their selling products.

This mainly to do showcases the level of market within human circular world and habitation .

There is also another kind of an enclose market , the one which companies shares and stocks for buy and sells . Mainly as a stock exchange market


Such given market do serves as a capital stock exchange .Here am mainly to make note , out from each so as to be able to get well knowledgeable landing on the real life market. Having been seen all those given levels of market available for human within their world. And as well make it understandable the very strength and that needed to get , any given human their very needs and desires meet. As mainly Money

As is being widely known that , money answereth all things.

Real Life Market

image from my mobile, Techno POP3

Self Acknowledgement : Here sincerely reason I get use my personal image , is mainly because I believe in the True Creator . That, by his caring grace myself shall indeed live here on Earth . My very desirable lifestyles.

Real Life Market : Life market and the live market we do go as a human to buy stuffs , base on our corresponding needs and money to buy them. Are never same . Here live market is often any given place that a human beings get find a particular seller to buy from . While that of , real life market particularly meant about life , the singular life , the breathing in human , the human dreams , desires in life , goals and desirable achievement and possible lifestyles to lead and get live here on Earth . Before an inevitable , do come knocking called death . There are much to life that , can only get plain and known by the True Creator's revelation. Which even those diabolic human can't help knowing them.

Live market money is the strength and power. But in real life market , is being never same . Here life market , the True Creator and his words are the strength and power.

The True Creator is I Am , God Jehovah almighty. One who is faithful to his spoken words, as sayst faithful is ye who has promised who will also fulfilled it. And heaven and Earth shall get passed , but his words will never do pass away.

Is being plain that today's human of new testament era . Are not do wrestle against fresh and blood , instead against world of principalities and powers in spiritual and high places.

Here am only want to get things plain with such an indebth , that nation's are not same . State in given country are not same as well .

Primarily , communities and families are not same. So do an individual's are never created same by the True Creator.

There within the circular live market a human do have only 💰 money limitation. As lack of money wouldn't enabling given human to meet his or her desires and needs in life .

But here , in life market there are two main nature of limitations that . Wouldn't allow and enabling a given human to live his or her dreamt and desirable life and lifestyles. Those two nature of limitations are (01) 💰 money (02) diabolical evil humans

Those diabolical evil humans can deseminate an evil words with motive , to limit their choice target . That , they get choose to attack on spirit realm and with diabolical evil words and powers. They can spiritual accuse their target to condemn so as to limit and hinder. They can carry out all kind of forms of set back and evil factoring stagnation against their target.

With a high level of spiritual attack from evil human beings within same family , community and possibly across given town. With less amount of 💰 money , can bring about a whole lots of challenges.

Anchoring is only the True Creator no religious cause , most of them are same diabolic human beings. The True Creator words is the comfort and strength to hope for new day and expecting , to life choice life by his caring grace.

Depending on your background , community , family , relatives , town and country nature that you will have less challenges or more challenges.

Here on real life market, is mainly about human and how the human as a person's can get lead or live his or her life in fullest. As such a human might do dreams and desires .



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