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Hello There ,

Today world of infatuation and lust among younger age , is making life living in to become more delicate .

Most parents who do parenting kind of grown up teenage girl or girls child . Do try hard enough to educate their beloved daughter's more about sex education.

The reasons for that, should be to avoid seen their beloved daughter's get to be victim's. Due to some unruly acts guys , who some how get pleasures from sexual gratifications.

Most often those teenage girls who do get yielded and gained and take their parents advise very serious . And get staying careful , would definitely escape being molest .

While those carefree type who do values their peers , so much . Are likely to get molest some day . By guy's who might have crushing on her , along close and strong sexual advancing.

Sensitizing our younger girls should be more like best practice , over an ultra age of molestation and bullying specially teenage girls.

About Molestation

Molestation is mainly about an opposite gender getting try to attack given , female gender sexually . Person's who molest some other person's , is being more of guys molesting some female gender mainly teenager's.

Molestation do exist when a particular teenage girl is being likely approach by a guy. And further discusses some sexual advancing nature of discussion , more as an adult talk in which such particular girl never yet ready for .

But , the guy who get open such conversation . Wouldn't stop instead persisting on it , to certain state of which he would get to molest the girl at will.

Reasons Teenage Girls Can Get Molest

There are totally several reasons some teenage girls do get molest , by some of their peers or a older age man.

Here I would only get frame out only three of such reasons , I personally thought can be deadly responsible for most teen child getting molest.

Let get on them as follows :

Deviance and indecent dressing :- Truth is that , most parent do understand life more than how best a child can ever get claim . Base on any kind of level of exposure , because some of their parents might had get experienced life and even get had such claimed exposure bragging by the given teenage child.

photo-1600250425325-194cf639fcc1 (1).jpegSource

Truth is that , it would be very hard for an obedience teen girl to get molest . If get adhere closely to her parental guardianship , on 👗 dressing standard and morals.

Once your parental advise on mode of dressing often get turned down , that indirectly affirm . You are ready to face even an abstract surfacing as direct result of your indecent dressing.

Indecent Exposure :- When a teenage girl get graduated from usual normal regular acts of deviance and indecent dressing. To a stronger nature of getting turn herself to a big sexy body .

Base on such nature of lifestyles , she now do values her personal attractiveness and glow more than high moral standard.

So , most cases depending what she really want and the reasons behind , her mode of 👗 dressing.

Because her 👗 dressing wouldn't but to invite some bad guys at her .


It can get to some point of which she can't help herself out , from some immoral guys . Who would try everything to molest her .

Carefree Attitude And Peers Dating :- Whenever a teenage girl do shows a high level of I don't care attitude and manner's . Seriously at times , it do worth pittying . Because in a clearer sense such girl don't know an exact what she's doing .

This might not necessary has anything to do , as getting involve those spiritual wicked people. But , instead passion and peers vibes driven . Of which she can't actually get applying her senses towards calculating the level of risks involved. By the time she would go get drunk during dating party moments or club with peers and others.

Such level of lifestyles can get attract 👮 police personnel at any given time.


Because she's very close to getting molest , once badly done . Herself would want to invite the 👮 police, most especially her parents. Wouldn't stop at anything less than to seek justice.



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Great write up @sureway044. This information above is very very educative, and i think people should not only read it but resteem it. The aspect of indecency and peer pressure plays a great part to molestation. Youths find it very normal to be half naked in the streets and attract people to run after them of different lifestyles and backgrounds. Just some weeks back in my area we heard to two girls of my school who died mysteriously after sleeping with a rich man for money. Some endulge into the act because of poverty and in this university areas it difficult since almost everything is expensive. They rely on rich people, cultist and some dangerous groups for sustainability, So as parents would be educating their kids, they should also pray because its not easy for some of the youngsters to hand peer pressure. Thanks for sharing this post i will just resteem right away. Hoping to see more quality post 🙏🙏

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