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Hello There ,

Obvious thing in this life is that , no human can get coexist meaningfully. And same time get to functioning together within same field of an endeavouring. Along relatively same goal and target and furtherto such extent of achieving them , and indeed did achieved up to certain height. Without Love.

Love get serve ,more as the central of both human endeavouring , normal regular life and state of relationship.

About Love


Love centralizes human state of affection and keenly deepening the sense of human intimacy and applicable emotions.

How true is assertion that " Love is Magical "?

Reality should be that , it's quite true how magical love can be . Because with two or more uniquely lovely heart , it would be very hard for anything to get twisted within their wonderful part to crossed.

Reason of Love uniqueness which get existing within two-or more individual , what those given individual can achieve and how they go about achieving those things. Can be likely relates more as being under supernatural acts and influences. Of which in moderate term, can said to be magical in form or nature.

That , to drawn down and at same declared that Love can be Magical . And it is true that Love is Magical

Do you feel secure when you are in love?

Truth is that I never be into such deepening state of love before in my life. And I can't get conclude here base on an experienced , instead I would pass on my take base on my personal understanding of Love.

Love is more of affection , intimacy and applicable emotion.

Due to all of that it can't be possibly get secured , without any given factors surrounding it.

Moreso those likely factors which can do make any given person's who is in love to get feel secure , are as follows :

  • Family background :- This mainly about kind of reputable families , that commands certain level of authority and wealth . Any given person's there in love , can get feel secure.

  • Genuine Christians friends who are in love can to same good extent get to feel secure

  • Given person's who did knew themselves and get used to themselves can get feel secure while in love

  • Level of materials wealth , luxury and brain involved can do make any given person's who happens to be in love to get feel secure.

Those stated factors can in real time make any body who do found love and in love to get feel secure.

Love is Magical when it is secured


Truth is love can be magical when it is secured , and the following scenario would get proof such given statement to be true.

Before into it . Like I get listed above that, there are numbers of factors that can make love to be secured . Of which anybody who is in love can subsequently do feel secure.

Here , for love to be magical when it's secured it can be quite an enticing.

Nonetheless let get it as follows :

✓ Level of compatibility , that seems more as spell within the doing of those person's in love.

✓ The heightening states of togetherness and successes achieved within uniform goals in life.

✓ The charming states of attraction and an attractiveness that is very enticing to the neighborhood.

Those statements indeed can signifies how magical love can be , when it is secured. Considering those my outlines factors , which can do make any body who is in love to get feel secure.


An impact of such statement , which stated that . Love is magical when it is secured on me as a person's , is that it do make me get to look inward. And as well do get preparing so as to get into charming states of love .

An impact of such statement on my family and friends , should be that there would be kind of high level of productivities and successes . While that on the Society should be that , there would be no such thing as mischief as each and everyone within the society . Happens to be on a unique wheels of love and stairing unto an excellent heights. That on the bone of togetherness reason of Love.


Special invite : @glange22 @canisia




Love is sometimes full of mystery, the magic of true love is not everyone can feel it.
Therefore, be happy for those who have felt the magic of love.

Goodluck for the contest dear..

 last year 

That's very true that love is full of mystery. And the magic of love indeed not everyone can actually feel it . Thanks.

 last year 

You've got a wonderful post here about love. Truly love is magical.

 last year 

That's very true . Thanks.

 last year 

Waoww this is interesting @sureway044

 last year 

Thank you very much.

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