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Hello There ,

Hereby get to acknowledge reason for my late entry , it get happens that I met this contest post very late . Precisely yesternight , so from there I reposted it to enable me participate on this contest.

Upon that , I hereby extend my kind regards to each and everyone Steemian's. Most especially those participant's of this contest.

About Non Communicable Disease

My understanding on such as non Communicable Disease is that , term non Communicable Disease mainly and closely relates to those nature of diseases which can't get spread merely by body contacts , sharing , hands shaking , closeness to an extent of sharing an oxygen and not even by non sexual blood contacts . Note even by sexual blood exchange it can't get truly mean , only that . It can do affect a genetics expression of any newly birth child to the infected person or patient's.

Depression Patient And Possible Causes

Truth is that, I don't experience being close and knowing any patient suffering from depression.
But it very obvious that depressed person can be very annoying and irritating in nature . And can get out bursted over minor issue , most times . They can be exhibiting an acts of tearsfullness , loneliness and lacking keenness to socialize with others and getting engaging on ; some interesting activities such as his or her personal hobbies , and some applicable activities.

All of such being happens as the direct result of the given patient's , touching by demised of a warmly beloved one and at times relationship breakdown or a failed relationship.

Among others possible causes like getting inheriting it from a patient parent , either mother or from father . Who might likely be a depressed patient . And moreso , a nature of work that is very stressful can also get add to it , so do being addicted to alcohol and drugs might as well get resulted in depression.

How To Manage And Care For Depressed Patient's

Since I never had been around any depressed patient's , truth is I wouldn't in practical terms brief here.

But the specialist or health center capable for caring over any given depressed patient's , can be locate here in my country . Except from normal health center or hospital there is kind of special health center or hospital as well , but it get known as Psychiatrist Hospital . That's where those depressed patient's can get treated and do care for , mainly managing their depressional situation in life . Along their nature of medication known as Psychiatrist therapy or psycho therapy's.

Advice For A Depression Patient's


Here my candid advice for those depressed person , perhaps if at all it's happens I get meet anyone suffering depression.

To begins with , it's would quite an advisable by me as a person . To talk to such given depressed patient's , mainly for the concern to get recognise his or her self as a depressed person. Who by one reason or the other get suffering depression, regardless how soon or long the depression has been there.

Next consideration by me should be , looking into how the given depressed patient's can be heal.

Upon that , here I would do Advice that the depression patient's :

  • Avoid being lonely instead should try to develop kind of personal habit in an interested games , so as to get self occupied and get busying activity

  • Should do try to visit a closest psychiatrist hospital for treatment , that he or she can be heal . That , even he or she did experiencing memory lost . Nonetheless he or she can still gain through total healing and cure.

  • That , the depressed patient's should not get focus much on the past . In case of relationship breakdown or a past hurt that being acted within as phobia.

  • That , the depression patient's should be more hopeful for healing and health regaining . That , no matter what known types of depression be it a major depressive , persistent depressive or bipolar depressive . That , all of that can get treated and cure.


The depression patient's don't necessarily needs love , because a very slight moment
can get change his or her mood . So when get find one tread cautiously. What a depressed do needs , is help to be healthy again.

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 last year 

Great write up sir. This ia very educative, in some case we have heard but not really proven that depression can affect a persons person's nerve, it causes some people to shake alot when talking or moving, it makes some people have trust issues and respond rudely. Many things cause depression and yes can be treated. We also heard the shocking part that pornography can cause depression. It makes the person not to like his or her self too. It makes some of them to aviod being around people. Your remedies to treat them in the paragraphs above are great. Would love to see more great materials from you.Stay safe 🙏

 last year 

You do have great lesson there about depressed patient's. Thank you very much.


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