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About The Accuser's

The accusers are those who would dick very deep and get go as miles as possible , to present their intentions. In manners that , would possibly get appearing real . So as to actualize their intended motives against their very target.

Accuser's can get capitalizes on their target perceived weakness , and uses it mainly to get frustrating their target's effort . While at times they can get manipulate given situation's just to have their victims suffering.

Additionally , even the book of books do recognises an existence of accuser's . So the accuser's seems to be kind of lifestyle that , has a long existence. And due to their very nature many lives hast been destroyed . Even homes , businesses and families.

An Actual Motives Of The Accuser's


Most a times when you do have very strong enemies seems to be kind of blessings. When such strong enemies are mainly physical , because . Due to one personal knowledge that you are under an attack , then with your desperate intention to be safe and get secure from those your very enemies. There you might likely get developed kind of lifestyles that , would to good extent . Get projected you within those upper class level citizens.

But , when those strong enemies seems to be spiritual in nature . Acting and launching all their attack or an assault right within the spirit realms. That can also get to be a blessing , because reasons of the attack you would get close to the True Creator. Then prayers becomes what you can't do without.

However , when it happens that some people just get envious of your initial or presence success in life. They wouldn't only get to assault you or get gossiping against you . Instead they would do keep trying as much as their absolute best diabolic efforts , just to bring you down to grave if possible.

Now you should know that ,the Holy Spirit can't deceived anybody . Unlike one's personal instincts and intuitions .

Note , for God shall not mock that whatever a man or any person's do sow thus (that) shall they reap.

Pure example should be a family. That , because all of us as a human beings do have a specified family of which we get from. Mainly as our primary home .

When someone or people do get over jealous of your family , they would try as much as they can just to get that family shattered .

That basically are the work of the Accuser's .

Those accuser's can get between brother's and sisters to piece them. Beyond an acts of slandering to totally acts of wickedness.

Fingers of the Accuser's , as the accusing fingers . They are very terrible in nature , perhaps if they are more like being physical . Most of their victims and targets. Would have run far distance for safety and security of their dear lives and as well as all that actually, do matter for them. Which can make them success at any given moments in life.

Since those Accuser's get acted more like roaring 🦁 lion , the devil itself.

It become very hard to detect their direction , only to acknowledge the True Creator . Being the most high and the head of all principalities and powers, both in high places and there about. As His eyes ever on sparrows of which He watches His children. Base on that living words He may do get ever watch over you , to guard and guide you . So as to get you safe and secured from the hands of those ugly Accuser's out there .

Truth About The Accuser's


The main truth about those Accuser's is that , in any of their given action taking against their target's. They are intending to get bring about shame , mocking , blame , frustration and even disgrace . Due to such facts as they can disseminate , some of their accusing information against their target's wellbeing .

On such acts of wickedness , whenever do get actualized those their target's get suffering it. While they might somewhat celebrating , nonetheless the accusers are those wicked and evil people.


Note that , the accuser's of the brethren do exist. Thing is you just do need to resist them totally, that they may returned with all of their woes of life(live).



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