High Cost Of Goods And The Effects On People

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Awesome Steemian's , kind regards to everyone .

Is being things of concerns mostly within largest region of our negroes nation's. How recession seems to get reside right in the middle of our beloved nation's . Due to such there happens to be terrible rise in prices of commodities , making things get even more tougher for some individual , families , and some organizations and an individual businesses.

Is being get become things that most people do get to criticising government , and public office holder's for being the reasons behinds the hardships. Due to such believed that , those in the public offices do embezzle public funds for their personal use and interest .

Such acts of public funds embezzlement by the public offices holder's ,has make it very hard for them to be account as ought for the general public . Mainly to get activate such believe towards working , accountable , honest and transparent government worthy of getting trusted by the general public . Over an embezzling and money laundering kind of government as being the main active believe by the general public.

The believe that public offices holder's are stealing in government. Make everyone to get believe that if anything should get turn to desirable direction . Those public offices holder's and politicians actively in office , do need to get change . And run kind of transparence government , that is integrative and mainly prioritize general public opinions .

Such believe and up looking on public offices holder's and the government , for solution for every situation and meaningful development. Have make an individual to become very wicked to themselves , because total dependencies on government to even get feed them.

Through the level of wickedness by given group of an individual of interest . In which such an interest seems to be kind of dualizes and derivative in form and nature. Get keen government to be manipulative and even diabolic in dealings and projects .

Had been an individual's and group of an individual's who do get involve in wickedness , base on derivative with government over any of their own . Who personally follow his or her path in life . At times it might due to envy or covetousness. Nonetheless that alone have make things to get continuing to be tough in some nation's . And tribe's why there might be kind of general factors and other factors applicable for some other nation's or country within our negroes and black race Nation as a continent.

The Effects From High Cost Of Goods

There are several effects happening on people's as direct results of high prices of goods and Commodities. Along relatively low circulation of currency and low earnings and lack of enough job opportunities . Across the federating state , apart from the central and capital .

This has largely became things of concerns to extends that , those wicked fraction in church or religion settings . Do claim that , the ongoing hardship facing in terms of high prices of goods and lesser or low circulation of 💰 money . As biblical fulfilment in terms of scarcity and lack. But , that never the situation at all.

People's do suffer so much ranging to an infants dead , school challenges feedings problems and all of that .

Deadly Effects

The deadly effects are very much challenging , and mostly it do leads to set back on and devastating stagnation.

Moreso at most cases it do leads to an increase crimes and criminals acts and attacks on , people's within given society.

Due to low circulation of 💰 money , some vital organizations and institutions do given in for strikes bargaining. Most especially that of public hospital , the direct result of that . Usually do leads to more serious complicated illnesses and health challenges as well as increase hopelessness due to lack of 💰 money , by given patient involved.


The high cost of goods usually make people not to be able to afford balance dietary . And there for it affecting human in various ways . Worst of it usually the deadly health challenges , it do cause among others. Only if individual would as well let go of personal interest and support government meaningfully for , better development and dealings for overall good of everyone.




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