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Hello Steem Cameroonians and Steemit Team

Steem Cameroon Community writes this application this day to express her desire to be selected again for Season 5 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge as announced by the Steemit team, through this post on @steemitblog.

This is our second time applying for this challenge, as season 4 helped us grow Steem Cameroon community account strength, which we use to curate articles in the community, and all Admins and mods have decided to stay in at least club75 at all times, to help grow the community and Steemit as a whole. In addition, via season 4 we were able to set up a well-structured way of reviewing all articles/contest entries in the community, which will go a long way again this season provided we are selected.

History of Steem Cameroon Community and its Goals

The Steem Cameroon community was created by @saxopedia on 12/12/2020, with @fombae being the co-founder and ever since then, the community has been welcoming to but cameroon steemians and steemians all over the Steemit platform. From about 10 active posters on the date of creation, today the Cameroon community can boost over 57 active posters and 2,955 subscribers as of the day of writing this application.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 190849.png

Steem Cameroon community was created with the goal or aim of connecting steemians with divest cultures, ideas, and knowledge, in a manner that can never be achieved individually. Most especially give Cameroonian steemians a place to belong.

Administrators and Moderators of the Steem Cameroon Community.

Steem Cameroon Community is presently managed by six (5) personnel, two (2) of which are administrators and 3 moderators, all of which are of Cameroonian nationality.

Photo and Username
Club Status
ADMINclub10073Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
Founder of the Steem Cameroon Community.
CR for Cameroon.
Own SP: 17,929.581S
Effective SP: 10,315.830
ADMINclub10072Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
Co-founder of the Steem Cameroon Community
A former member of the Cosmopolitan Team
Own SP: 11,091.688
Effective SP: 5,442.50
MODclub10074Joined Steemit in July 2020, and has been active since then.
CR for Cameroon.
selected as one of the community curators for this month
Own SP: 17,443.46
Effective SP: 19,430.44
MODclub10069Joined Steemit in January 2021, and has been active since then.
Own SP: 5,425.00
Effective SP: 2,410.15
Screenshot 2023-02-20 190647.png
MODclub7565Joined Steemit in December 2021, and has been active since then.
Own SP: 440.82
Effective SP: 339.72

Community Curation Account

Steem Cameroon Community has one official curation account (@steem-cameroon). Created with the aim of supporting all members of the Steem Cameroon community who publish good articles which meet the Steemit etiquette and Steem Cameroon community rules. This account was created upon the creation of the Steem Cameroon community and presently owns 22,941.64 Steem Power and 42,371.42 delegated, giving an effective Steem Power of 65,313.06.

How it is built up

The community account is built up in three main ways.

  • First is by powering up post payout through the community publications (in cases where the post is set on 50%SBD / 50% SP)
  • Secondly by freewill delegations from both all Steem Cameroon admins and mods, and Steem Cameroon members.
    *Lastly, by freewill setting @steem-cameroon beneficiary of any percentage of post payout.

The screenshot below from give details about the community account.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 190849.png

Who holds the keys

All Administrative personnel of the Steem Cameroon Community holds the Private Posting Key of the community's curation account, while its Private Active Key and MASTER KEY are held by founder and co-founder (@saxopedia and @fombae).

The Community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts

Presently the admins of Steem Cameroon Community have established a google sheet whereby it is been updated with the links of all new articles in the community just to make sure we leave no article un review.


All administrative personnel of Steem Cameroon uses the above sheet to keep track of all articles published in the community, and to facilitate the reviewing, curating, and commenting process of all articles. This sheet has the following fields:

SN -> for the number of articles
Author -> account name of the person who publishes the article
Country -> Country of origin of the author
Club Status -> Club status of the account
Link -> links of the article published
Published Date -> Date of publication
Plagiarized -> to record all plagiarized articles
Admin -> to record the name of the admin or mod who reviewed the article
Review -> If the article is reviewed or not
Curator vote -> if the article in question has received a vote from either the Steemit Team, booming, or community curators.

Commenting on post

The administrative personnel of Steem Cameroon together came up with a comfortable way of commenting on all articles. A sample screenshot of our comment can be seen below.


For checking for plagiarism, we use

While For club status,

Scoring System or Verification Format
Verified User✅ or ❌1/1
#steemexlusive✅ or ❌1/1
Plagiarism Free✅ or ❌1/1
Bot Free✅ or ❌1/1
Markdown Style2/2
Quality Content4/4
Verification Period (Club Status)Month Date To Month Date, Year
Voting CSI00.00 ( 0.00 % self, 00 upvotes, 00 accounts, last 7d )
Verification DateDay-Month-Year

How we help our members improve the quality of their posts
  • Communication between community members and admins. Steem Cameroon has both a discord channel and a telegram channel which is open and welcoming to community members and aspiring community members, whereby we get in touch with members, share our thoughts, opinions, and ideas on publishing quality articles, and also work effectively as one to build a better Steem Cameroon.

  • The Steem Cameroon Community runs weekly contests to keep its members active and engaging, which also helps members improve the quality of their posts over time.

  • There is a compulsory requirement of at least 250-word counts on every publication before it is qualified to receive support from the community account, admins, and mods.

  • Explicit articles are usually published via the community account to guide members on the appropriate/correct use of tags to help fetch articles easily which intends to facilitate the review and curation process of articles.

Reasons why their community should be selected for the Challenge
  • With the experience, we have had from the previous engagement challenge season, we are up to the task and ready to go in for another season

  • The Steem Cameroon Community presently has 2000+ subscribers with an average of at least 57 active posts weekly

  • We already have in place 4 amazing engaging contest ideas to carry us out through this season

The administrative team makes sure to check publications every single day, and good quality posts gain support from our official curation account, @steem-cameroon.

The administrative team comprises club100 members, as such we support the Steem growth project of Steemit.

Great improvements have evolved from members from the creation date till the present date.

The administrators are more than willing to grow on the steemit platform.

Steem Cameroon Community is the favorite of many authors.

Steem Cameroon Team
And our humble regards to The Steemit Team

Contact Details
AdministratorsContact Details
@saxopediasaxopedia#6055 (Discord)
@fombaefombae#5826 (Discord)

Steem Cameroon Team

@saxopedia (ADMIN)
@fombae (ADMIN)
@chant (MOD)
@majerius (MOD)
@bongk (MOD)

Join the Steem Cameroon Community

🔻🔻Also join us on🔻🔻
Steem Cameroon Discord Server
Steem Cameroon Telegram Channel

 last year 

It’s a great thing to see #steemcameroon step up to take the stage again to host the 8th Edition of steemit engagement challenge. Though I am new in the platform, I am looking forward to this and I pledge my full support to the application and hope that it is considered. Thank you🙏😊

 last year 

This is a great and detailed run down of the @steemcameroon community from the staff right down to the comment format and I fully support the application post.

 last year 

With this well detailed and presented post it will be very difficult for the Steemit team not to choose this community for the engagement challenges. Good work for the administrator and moderator for their beautiful work.

 last year 

Honest and honest and very hard working our STEeM Cameroon community. Hopefully the #steemitblog will select our great community for the steemit Engagement Challenge Season Eight.. President of the #steemitblog and love is expected. Greetings Stream Cameroon

 last year 

We are into this again, we move and go higher. I can't wait to verify all the posts and entries which will come into this contest. It's always fun to read through all the entries and ensure that they're clean. I believe in our community. We are ready🔥🙏🏾

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