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The meeting was scheduled in view of handling some strategic issues that concern the steem-cameroon and to find solutions to some common problems affecting steemians from Cameroon. So then we had our agenda for the meeting as thus;


  1. Challenges of Steemians
  2. Proposed solutions- Review and Curation Spreadsheet
  3. Distribution of Steem Greeters, Verification Blog Review and Curation workload
  4. Distribution of Contests Management and Blogging for Steem Cameroon.
  5. Distribution of Monitoring and Evaluation and Weekly reports
  6. Differentiation between personal and Steem Cameroon Projects
  7. Steem Cameroon Charity Projects
  8. Steem Cameroon Project Coordinators
  9. Other Matters

Following the agenda above we were able to bring out the issues or problems already identified;

1.) Inadequate and inequitable distribution of @steemcurator04 and @booming upvotes. Most steemians are complaining they publish over 12 quality posts and never received an upvote from @booming or @steemcurator04 and that it's discouraged them.

2.) Very limited review and feedback of Steemians' blogs by Country Representatives. Most steemians complain that Country Representatives hardly leave reviews on their blogs.

3.) Most Cameroonian steemians write very good posts but tag it wrongly.

4.) Poor titling of good quality posts is common among Cameroonian steemians.

5.) Writing without proof reading is very common. It’s very common to find too many spelling and language errors in the blog posts of most Cameroonian steemians.

6.) There are a lot of Cameroonian steemians whose achievement posts have not been verified.

7.) We have a huge influx of new Cameroonian steemians joining the platform but who aren’t members of @steem-cameroon community nor part of the @steem-cameroon WhatsApp group.

8.) A lot of newbies easily give up because of lack of content and very high competition with old steemians during contests. It’s very normal for a newbie to receive almost no rewards if he or she was participating in a contest that involved old steemians.

9.) Newbies don’t power up or delegate SP or follow curation trails because they are ignorant about a lot of steem initiatives.

10.) There are very few local contests.

11.) Cameroonian steemians aren’t giving newbies the welcome and support they deserve.

It was quite a lengthy agenda with all the common problems of Cameroonian steemians listed. This agenda therefore took us two days to carefully deliberate on each of the points finding solutions to them all. Our discussions and deliberations herein let us to proposing and resulting to the following solutions that will henceforth encourage Cameroonian steemians and make them steem better as we also put in our best to support them all the way.


The issues of problems above were further grouped into 4 and a common solution proposed to handle the all problems of each group listed.


This solution is proposed to solve the issues of point 1, 2 & 6.

Here we resulted to a systematic block-posts review system in which a spreadsheet is created and every Cameroonian steemian listed alongside the links to their blocks wherein all country representatives and Mod for Cameroon will take turns each week to review blocks.


We have the Blogs Review and Curation Spreadsheet Calendar wherein all country representatives have a particular number of Steemians' blogs to review and curate per week.
This means if @thegreens reviews and curates from number 01 to 20 on Monday, @saxopedia will review and curate from 21 to 40 on Tuesday, @njiatanga reviews and curates from 41 to 60 on Wednesday and @fombae from 61 to 80 on Thursday. This process will be rotated so that by the end of the month, all the Country Representives and MOD must have reviewed all the Steemians' blogs. When we review and curate, we will always note those who received the @steemcurator04 and @booming upvotes so that when next we review and curate, we can also award the upvotes to those who haven't received it yet. Also here we recommend achievement posts to be verified and upvoted.


This solution is proposed to solve the issues of point 3, 4, 5 & 9.

To solve the problems raised here, we are going to organize weekly training sessions via our whatsapp group forum and on zoom werein we’ll educate Cameroonian steemians on how to make good tags on steemit, how to make suitable titles for their posts and also provide them with tools such as grammarly to aid them on spelling and grammatical error checks when writing a post. Likewise during the training sessions we shall also be providing fellow steemians with information on current initiatives on steemit and how to explore these opportunities.


This solution is proposed to solve the issues of point 7 & 8.

Here we shall search each week for these steemians who are not yet part of the community and the community whatsapp forum telling them about the community for them to subscribe and we shall also share the community whatsapp link for them to join. We shall also charge mentors to inform their mentees about the community and enabling them to subscribe to the community and join the community whatsapp forum.


This solution is proposed to solve the issues of point 10 & 11.

Here we resulted to running at least four engaging contests each week via the community account to keep steemians engaged and active. Then we shall also encourage fellow steemians through our discussion forum to take it as a duty to welcome newbies on the steemit platform with warm and engaging welcoming comments.

Next we had discussions on the other issues on the agenda were in we decided as follows;
Steem-cameroon projects and contests shall include:

  • Best day of the week contest
  • Cameroon steemit promo contest
  • Newbies Encouragement program
  • Steem-cameroon charity project
  • Cameroon steemit Njangi
  • Power-up Pledge Program

The Management of these programs will be as follows;

  • BestDay of the week contest will be managed by @saxopedia
  • Cameroon Steemit promo contest will be managed by @njiatanga
  • Newbies Encouragement Program will be managed by @fombae and @njiatanga
  • Steem-cameroon charity project, Power-up Pledge Program and the Power-up Pledge program will be managed by @thegreens

Weekly monitoring and evaluation reports for the community account will be assigned to any of the country representatives and moderator each week in a rotatory manner.

Written BY @njiatanga


To Country Reps @njiatanga @saxopedia @thegreens

Just visited the Steem Cameroon community.

Is it still operational? Most posts have no votes and no comments.

Looking at the your voting patterns none of the 3 of you are using your voting power fully - all 3 of you have made less than 70 votes in the 7 days.

Worst of all the community account @steem-cameroon with 10K SP has only made 16 votes in the past week.


What is going on?

cc @fombae

 5 months ago 

The resolutions from our Steemit Team meeting were published on Steemit last week (05 Days ago) but all Admins were given last week to get acquainted to the new program especially with respect to the curation and blogs review. The weekly blog review and curation program was to officially begin today Monday 21st June.
The blog reviews and curation roster will be published on @steem-cameroon in a few hours.

However, @thegreens reviewed 30 blogs and left comments on all the blogs as well as curated posts from the blogs with his account and @steem-cameroon account last week. He went further to submit 10 posts for @booming and @steem-curator04.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-21 at 18.23.54.jpeg

@njiatanga continued the blogs review but has not yet submitted his report meanwhile @saxopedia and @fombae have been busy curating. We currently await their reports in the Cameroon Steemit WhatsApp Admin group.
These are screenshots from our WhatsApp Group finalizing the blog reviews and curation program.
WhatsApp Image 2021-06-21 at 18.22.44.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-21 at 18.21.51.jpeg

As such, we want to assure the Steemit Team that by the end of the week, they will get the most amazing feedback from our @steem-cameroon community account weekly report.


Hello sir, what should you do to get your vote? I would be blessed to give some advice.
I don't see you after posting very well, sir.
@steemcurator01 🙏

 5 months ago 

This report is really awesome, it has come a long way to solve alot of problems ,wow
@steem-cameroon is making it to the next level, with this most newbies won't feel discouraged, with old steemians giving them warm welcomings, with many contests managed by the various country representatives, many cameroonian steemians will always be busy writing and creating good content, training sessions as mentioned in the report will enable even old steemians like me to know how to better my tagging and my titling, i might be facing thesame problem, maybe even my grammar might need some ironing.thanks for the update

 5 months ago 
Great initiative from our steem cameroon mentors. I have just something to add as concerns the fact that cameroon newbies become perplexed and confused when you explain so many things to them. I for one, when mentoring my mentees and I tell them about the delegation, power up and curation trial they become discouraged. So what i do is introduce them into it little by little. Secondly, the contests in the cameroon community are great! And it's true that old steemians have a upper hand on newbies when it comes to contests. I humbly propose that certain contests such as #CameroonBest music contest should be exclusively for newbies less than 3months because most old steemians have already benefitted from this contest.

The other part is with respect to the motif of most steemians. The commenting is mostly made to post their own link. No one engaged in commenting and upvoting on newbies Introduction posts.
We know fully well that our community is still growing and needs a lot of our support (individually).

Now, there are certain contests which haven't been rewarded already! I'm talking about the #KamerSteemitPromo Contest. This has actually made certain steemians not have zeal to post again😂

Thanks for giving us feedback on the meeting. I am particularly happy for that.

 5 months ago 

wow my the good lord continue to strengthen you to continue to guide us

 5 months ago 

Just hope in the days ahead all these solutions will be implemented so that the family complains less

 5 months ago 

The detailed report on what the team discussed is really good and carries most of our worries on steemit. If the resolutions are really taken into account it will do alot of good to our community

More grease

 5 months ago 

Great report you have there. Please how do get the link for the WhatsApp group?

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