Steem Cameroon Weekly Blog Review and Curation Roster

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This roster has been created to facilitate collaboration between Steem Cameroon Country Representatives and MODs as well as promote equity in blogs review and curation. The roster was drawn after the Steem Cameroon Admins meeting that was held on Monday 14, March 2022.

The principal goal of this roster is to ensure that all Cameroonian Steemians’ blogs are reviewed and curated by Steem Cameroon Country Representatives, MODs, and @steem-cameroon as well as ensure that we promote equity in serving our community.

While all posts are curated with the reviewing Country Representative’s account and @steem-cameroon, quality posts are selected and recommended for @booming.

DayCR/MODCR/MOD Curating Accounts@booming recommendations
Monday@thegreens@thegreens and @steem-cameroon05
Tuesday@wase1234@wase1234 and @steem-cameroon05
Wednesday@saxopedia@saxopedia and @steem-cameroon05
Thursday@majerius@majerius and @steem-cameroon05
Friday@majerius@majerius and @steem-cameroon05
Saturday@b-naj@b-naj and @steem-cameroon05
Sunday@fombae@fombae and @steem-cameroon05

During blog reviews, the reviewing Country Representative or MOD is encouraged to tag the other Country Representatives or MOD in a minimum of five posts, inviting them to come and curate the posts with their accounts and give the users more support.
If the two CRs and 5 MODs vote a post, the reward will be great hence, the importance of tagging.

This information has been made public so that Cameroonian Steemians can know who to contact in case they have questions, worries, or challenges.

Steem on!


 2 years ago 

Thanks MODs for this information,I'm really delighted by this new update,seeing that rewards will be high when other MODs vote on a post makes me feel like steeming further it is encouraging.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for making it detailed and k know with this division of labor it will ease you guys to do your work easily and efficiently.

 2 years ago 

Congratulations to you all especially the new mods. I believe work is going to be lighter now

 2 years ago 

A good plan there. I just pray that all it's well implemented

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