The dairy game 07/09/2021 media day

in Steem Cameroon3 months ago

Hello fellow steemians it's been another long day, yet am going to briefly share with you how i spent my day.


I woke up this morning at 6:30am and brushed my teeth, had a slight headache. But then i had to take efferelgan to cool it down, after taking medications i then went on to clean and wash some dresses.
Just then my younger bro who was heading of for school then asked me to take him some school pics.


Immediately as i finished washing the dresses i then prepared fufu and bitter leaf for everyone to eat.


After everyone had eaten, i then stayed home watching movies and taking some Snapchat pics and videos. The day wasn't that interesting and places where boring, so i had to change and go visit some friends .


As i came back later in the evening i then decided to open some Whatsapp messages and reply to some, after replying to all the messages i then discovered the official pictures for our concert had been sent to the group for us to download, and we had to share and share.



The pics where really amazing and beautiful.



Thank you for reading my dairy game.

 3 months ago 

You really were brief in your diary. Your kid bro looks just like you. I don't need someone to say he is. I love bitter leaf soup but fugu corn is not what I like most. Was cool to walk a lil to visit friends it helps you air down your mind. Hope the headache is totally over now

 3 months ago 

Thank you dr it's been a long journey

 3 months ago 

Indeed, your dairy indeed is really short and brief... ...
Your kid bro really has grown big,and as for ur dancing,am short of words.. am just so proud of you💯💯🔥

 3 months ago 

Great day you had. Ashia for the early headache thank God you had medicine home. Your concert was really awesome and colourful

Ahead ahead

 3 months ago 

Yes it was

 3 months ago 

Beautiful day spent @oniza even though you ate your fufu and bitter leaf alone. From the colorful pictures it suggest they concert was awesome.
So are you a professional dancer???

 3 months ago 

Yes oh i am a professional dancer and teacher too , so anyone who wants to learn can contact me

 3 months ago 

Cool .I will definitely do.

 3 months ago 


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