The journey from dschang to douala/ driving lessons

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Good morning dear Steemians, I am happy to narrate how my journey from dschang to douala occurred.

I got up that faithful morning, I did my morning prayer then I took my phone and browsed for a while . Rain was heavily falling so it had disrupted my program to travel very early.
When the rains ended, I made my small traveling bag, @larissa237 and Gracious accompanied me at the road side for me to take off.


The journey was so good. Everything was cool as I was listening to sweet music. I listen to GUC, mic monsta, 2 pac and so many other spiritual artists. On my way , we crossed towns and village before reaching douala such as Santchou,Melong,Nkongsamba ,Ebone, Manengole Nlohe, penja, Njombe , mbanga , souza and bakoko. While crossing all these towns, I saw beautiful plantations of bananas and pawpaws as seen below


While in douala, my brother came and picked me at carrefour Rail and went to the house to allow the provisions and my traveling bag. Immediately after, we left the house and went to start the purpose for my coming. I came to learn how to drive and he is the one to teach me . Below is a screenshot of a video he took as I was driving 😄😄😄


He said I learned fast and it won't take me much time if I continued in the same spirit. I was so happy . After the driving lessons , we retired home and that's how my day ended.


 2 months ago 

I’m glad you had a safe journey and also able to learn so fast. More grace brother.

 2 months ago 

Thank u sis. Woooooo the girl is back!!!!

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