#Club100 | The Diary Game | Betterlife with Steem (09/08/2022) : Relaxed and stress free Tuesday

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Hello to all, hope you all are doing great wherever you are! It's not been long i write right, I'm still here today to let you guys know how I spent my Tuesday. It was quite interesting!

Dear Diary,

As usual, i wake up latest at 6am and i begin with my morning prayers then i did some little work at home before going to the bath to get some refreshing bath. After that i got dressed up and began my usual trekking to work. This time around i was a little bit earlier coz i left my house at 7:30am.

At my door preparing to hit the road to work

I arrived work and there was an urgent case to handle so i quickly put on my lab jacket and began to work while the others prayed. I finally finished the tests and i joined them later. At exactly 8am they all stopped and we greeted and left for our various domains. I received few patients today then when places got less tensed, i made a power up and created the post.

Screenshot of Power Up i made

It was already afternoon and yet no work, my colleague met me with her machine which was giving her lil worried to connect with her phone and i helped her out! Then i went outside to relax a little. There came this little guy called Maël who always comes around the hospital to sell his Accra. He and i always chat so we chatted for a long time while it rained.

After our chat, the rains stopped and i got back to my lab to continue enjoying my music. I sat there with my intern and we played ludo on her phone then i won her🤣, so she said she ain't playing with me again. After sometime, just some minutes to closing time that is 3pm, our new doctor showed up so the interim doctor was presenting the health center to him.

While she was presenting, a pregnant woman who was due for delivery came and i collected her blood and ran the necessary tests. My intern was worried by the way she was behaving coz of the pains and she confessed she won't ever get married not to talk of getting pregnant🤣 i laughed at her the whole while in the lab while we cleaned to leave. As we left, i had to go to the prayer cell coz it was already past 4pm. On my way i heard someone yell "doc! Doc! Doc!" I doubted if i was the one then a mama waved and greeted me😅 and she reminded me she's coming the next day again to the health center. With a smile, i responded that I'm expecting her and let her greet the child for me.

In the prayer cell, we had a great teaching on the Voice of God and we prayed and gave our offering and finally left for our homes at 6pm. The prayer cell is just beside the house, so i trekked and arrived home. Met my brother who was preparing to go out too and i sat and warmed the food to break my fast then follow the online meeting. Just before the meeting i elrusged to the road with my 500frs to get groundnuts to eat

the groundnut i brought from the road

The meeting had not yet begun so I washed and boiled it at once, then kept my brother's own apart. We had the meeting and it was wonderful. I was blessed by it and finally i could eat my groundnut.

The Already cooked groundnut i got
The diminished groundnut

After i finished diminishing the groundnuts, i sat in my bed and chatted a little online whole listening to music before deciding to leave the bed and pray then go to bed. That was basically how my evening was and i thank God for giving me such a peaceful and wonderful day. Thank you for reading it.



 2 years ago 

Wah Dr... ❤️

The experiences you share everyday like the one if the pregnant woman is one of the reasons I dreamed of becoming a doctor. Anyways I can see you are already getting popular.

 2 years ago 

That's how we role. When the spirit of the Lord is upon you, everything moved smoothly

 2 years ago 


 2 years ago 

How did you feel when you notice that the woman was calling you doc doc? Most of the time, many call everyone in white Doc. It the mentality most communities have, giving that the medical workers are dress in white.

#steemOn #letCommentCrm

 2 years ago 

Hahaha i felt somehow embarrassed tho🤣 but at some point i was happy coz it shows she admires the way i work to the point of reminding me that she's coming back the next day😅.

Indeed there's a lot of confusion, some will think you're a nurse, another will think you're doc another pharmacist.

 2 years ago 

Once you put on that white vest, get ready you will be addressed as Doc! See nah! This ground nuts you are finishing alone like that...

 2 years ago 

Im telling you, it's always that way🤣🤣

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