The diary game 30-5-2021

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Good evening seemit. Hope y'all are doing okay and I hope u all had a great day cuz I really had an amazing one. Today was a really good day to me. I woke up this morning at 8pm. I overslept last night due to stress from work and other things. I woke up that morning, took my bath, brushed my teeth and went over to the kitchen. I went to do something for breakfast. I had some fried eggs and Irish. By 11:30, I left to go for training. I arrived the training ground late actually but luckily there was no punishment. The training went well quite alright .



We left earlier so we could go see a very good friend of ours. we went there and we all had a good time together. From there we all left and headed back to our homes.

 5 months ago 

Your day was a simple one

 5 months ago 

Your day was awesome my dear..I wish I could come and witnes that ur training one day

 5 months ago 

I have always admired models but am not very open to showcasing body movements in public

 5 months ago (edited)

You had a great day! Your breakfast is one of my favourite stuff irish and egg. And I'm happy you didn't get punished.
I ask myself, what about church? Or you're a Muslim😅

Now, as reproach!

  • your post is too small (less than 100words). Hope you know the minimum amount of words is 250words.
  • it's too brief, I can't relate to your day.
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