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in Steem Cameroon4 months ago

The Beautiful Mountain Valley:

The mountain valley is the place of nature's gift
Through out the season it shower with beautiful nature
When you stand in between the mountain valley
You feel that the heaven blesses you dearly
You feel that the greenery hug you tightly
You feel that the cool breeze touches you tenderly
You see that the water falls roll over violently
You see that the trees dance to the tune of wind smoothly
You hear that the birds sing nature choir happily
You watch that the animals walk freely
When the nature open its heart widely
It gives everyone a chance to be with nature closely.

-by Ravi Sathasivam

 4 months ago 

wow wow wow great i love this

 4 months ago 

Wooww great write up. You must have been inspired and talented to come up with such sentences. The gift of nature such as the mountains, valleys, birds, flowers are indeed really incredible