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Nature is indeed so pretty:



Nature is indeed so pretty:

Nature is so beautiful and creations so good
All the colors of life you can see
All the shades that let you be
Nature gives you a feeling of being so real
Forgetting about the world around you
The tree that sways gently
The air that comes on your face
The rivers flow with an amazing sound
Sunset also has a grace
So pretty creation of God it is
It makes the heart just sets in
Nature's beauty can't match up
With anything in life
It gives you solace of every kind!


 4 months ago 

You seem to be a lover of nature. Your poems depict that so well. Buy if I may advice, work on your rhyme scheme so that your poems not only portray but entice the tongue when spoken

 4 months ago 

hi @kalsonche

you seem to really love nature even more than any one i have ever seen courage bro and you a unique person in #steemcameroon most of us only concentrate in writing dairy games thats good bro i hail you bro not forgetting have you seen this post by @thegreens

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the contest is still about nature please if like it participate and also upvote
 4 months ago 

What a beautiful poem you wrote 🤜🏾🤛🏾
Check out @thegreens profile to see contest concerning such write ups

 4 months ago 

Wowww nature is indeed beautiful