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Good evening everyone. I hope y'all had a great day today. Mine was busy but it was good tho. I woke up today at 6am. I had to go for a model casting at Afric Dab. I woke up, did my rubdown and try to put the house in order. From there, I had breakfast and later on I took my bath. I went down to our training ground so I could train a little before going for the casting. While there, some other models who were to go too met me there and we all went together. We arrived there and changed into our training wear. We did the casting and it was very successful. We all were selected.





From there, a friend was berieved and so we had to go console her. We all went and consoled her. It was late already. From there,we all left and we saw a taxi so fast which took us to Bambilli. I went back home and had some rest. Thanks for reading

 4 months ago 

Not bad for a normal day bro

 4 months ago 

Lovely day you had, I miss modeling massa
I worked with nesdag founded by @asangazinwi for quite some years, but due to school and other personal issues, I had to halt for a while. I took part in talented bamenda and was the second runner up

 4 months ago 

Wow ur day wasn't bad. Thank God you the modeling casting was a successful one and things went as planned. I admire modelers alot.