10 simple rules that will change your life for better by @graciella

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Hola, how are we today. I hope we're good. No long intro today, so I'll go directly into what I have for YOU. I just want to share with us some rules that are super helpful if you want to live a simple and organized life.


Adopting some simple living principles can very helpful especially in our world today where average is often minimized. These rules aren't there to promote deprivation but rather to simplify things and focus on the ones that truly matter. These rules will change how you live and your view of the world around.

1. Declutter as often as possible;


This is simple removing whatever it is that no longer serves a purpose in your life. Can be shoes, cloths, books, containers and literally anything at all. You can even make it a regular schedule to review things you no longer need and then declutter. The whole art is not just to create physical space but also gives you a sense of mental clarity and even emotional relief. Start by grouping items then decide what truly matters. This will teach you how let go of some things thus feeling much lighter and your house more organized.

2. Choose quality over quantity;

This simple means choosing to invest in fewer but better things. I one time I decided to buy in a high-quality shoe that lasted longer and brought a sense of satisfaction to me compared to buying many of lower quality that get bad in a short time. An approach like this will result in long-term savings thus a more sustainable lifestyle.

3. The one in, one out rule;

A practical method to try implementing is the ‘One In, One Out’ rule. This means whenever you bring a new item into your home, consciously try to remove an old one. This will help maintain a balanced, organised and uncluttered environment. Also, it encourages you to think hard before making purchases, considering it's importance and what you're willing to let go of to replace it thus keeping your living space simple and your belongings in check.

4. Reduce digital distractions;


We all know our world today is "digitally-driven" so limiting digital distractions might be a little hard but can be somehow simple. You first try by unsubscribing from all emails you don't need, also limit social media use and keep an organized digital space. I don't think all that Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat video scrolling every day is helping you. Sometimes you might even finish it tiring and can cause you to start comparing with all the highlights you see online. You can also choose to disconnect from every digital device for a couple of hours daily and see how much it can improved your productivity, focus and overall well-being.

5. Simplify your goals

Instead of pushing yourself to try realizing a long list of goals, why not focus more the most important ones first. First this will save you so much stress and you'll find it more productive. I'm not saying you completely throw away your goals but we all know every list has things that are more important than others. Focus more of your time, resources, and energy then see how effectively it can lead you to achieving more.

Let's take a break here, try to digest these 5 points and see the remaining 5 next time. Thanks for stopping by😘🥰


All these are really valuable tips you gave here that if one follow strictly, it will definitely produce so much result beyond expectations

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