The Diary Game Season 3 [Tuesday November 28th 2023 ]

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Greeting steemit friends

It is another moment for me to share my day from the capital of the North West region. The month is gradually closing, and we are moving into the last month of the year. It is one of the busiest moments of the year, as we get to put out reports and strategies for the coming year. Today is technically the first day of the week for us in this part of the country.

I was up by 4 am to do some activities on steemit before starting my day. MTN, which is my internet provider, had network problems. Because of this reason, I have not been able to manage the activity of the community for the past 24 hours. Thinking that it would be better this morning, I still could not do anything online.

I heated water, and my wife helped wake the kids. By the time I was done, breakfast was ready. I had breakfast and dropped the kids at school before rushing to my place of work. I got to the office and had a few chats with my colleagues before setting up for work. Just like every morning, I have an hour to prepare my to-do list and log on to steemit for any updates. I had my cup of coffee while working on a new project. Will be working on a website for a hotel located here in my community.



Due to a poor network and constant outbreaks of electricity, I was unable to get all the necessary information from the client. So I asked them to prepare and send via email, where I'm lost. I will get back to them. It was time to pick up the kids from school.

I closed and took a bike to pick up my kids from school. It was almost late, and I tried to avoid keeping them waiting. I picked them up, and we all took a taxi home. I got home hungry, and fortunately, my wife had prepared lunch. Today happened to be my wife's birthday. We sang her happy birthday songs. After the birthday, I serve myself and eat while reading through some posts on steemit.

20231128_163622.jpgMy Lunch

Most interesting today was the suspicious activity on some steemit accounts, which I call one of the authors. I had a chat with another author in concern, and as of now. There is nothing they can do. All I can say is, steemians should care how they share their keys. It was late at night, so I put my kids to sleep. To end my, I made a few reactions on social media before going to bed.

Thanks for dropping by


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