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Greeting Steemit Friends

It is another day and opportunity to share my day. Life is unpredictable, each having its unique challenges. As November comes close to the end, my daily routine is not that different from other days.

I jump up from bed and start with the kid's preparations. I mop the floor and wash the dishes in the sink. While my wife helped in preparing breakfast, I completed the preparation of the kids for school. While the kids were having their breakfast, I finished preparing myself and packing their bags.

I drop my kids at school before rushing to my place of work. I will be expecting to have an online meeting by 1 pm. So I had to put more commitment into my task to be done by mid-day. The client team had to arrange the meeting, while I was coming in as a consultant. I did mention I would be given one(1) of my day, because above 2 pm. I will be going to pick up my kids from school. Just like the other day, I had my cup of coffee.




It was at midday the client contacted me to request that they move the meeting to Monday. Her reason was the meeting might take longer than 1 hour. Well given that my time for this meeting is not been paid, I reject that proposal. Secondly, I was worried that a meeting that I was told would not take up to 45 minutes had taken another turn. Well, I might be home on Monday. But it is one of my busy days within the week.

It was time to pick up my kids from school, so I decided to close for the day. I picked up my kids from school, and we took a taxi home. I got home tired. I did not know when I slept off on the couch. It's the weekend, and most of the leagues are back after the international break.

I will be starting this weekend with the Saudi Pro League. In the first match (Al Ittifaq), and which has players like Benzema played against Al Ittihad. The match ended on a one-on-one score on both sides. The second match was interesting (Al Nassr VS Al Akhdoud), as it ended with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring two(2) goals for his side(77 and 80 minutes ) in the game. They won the match three(3) goals to zero(0), which had a Cameroonian in their attack line.



20231124_212124.jpgMy dinner

It was time for dinner, my wife prepared rice and tomato sauce for me. But my kids decided to join me, and we ate together. After dinner, we watched a TV series called "The Middle". Before we could complete a single episode, the kids had slept off. I put them on and spent some time with the newborn. It was when my wife took the newborn from me that I made this post and retired to bed.

Thanks for dropping by


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