THE DIARY GAME: 15/04/2023

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Hi steemit
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After a very long time of inactivity, I have decided to come back with my diary game portraying a from Bamenda to Tombel in the south west region of Cameroon . It should be noted that I have been silent because I have been very busy with work and most of the times with traveling.



On this fateful day of April 15th 2022, I left the house at mile 4 Bamenda, Cameron and headed to Vatican Agency at mile 4. When I reached the Agency, I paid my transport fare and I was given a ticket to show that I was eligible to use their bus services. This fateful morning and as per my ticket, we were supposed to leave Bamenda.

At the Vatican Agency.

Mile 4 Vatican Agency

When I paid my fare, we were informed we were leaving town at 8:30am and when I looked at my watch, it was already 8:35 and the bus was not yet full.
I inquired if the time on my ticket was correct or there was an auxiliary time. I was informed that the bus was leaving at 8:30am.
I had it in mind to go back home and do a few stuffs before coming back but I could not do other wise than to stay back and travel since I had my traveling bag with me. I waited and we left Bamenda at 11am.


The trip was a long and boring one as we finally did not use a 70 seater Bus but rather, we used a 30 seater bus which was not very fast. At 3pm, we were still at Dschang in Menoua in the west region of the republic of Cameroon. I almost cried and cursed myself for using the Vatican agency to travel. This was my first time and I must confess I felt really bad about it. I don’t know what was happening but truth is the bus was not going as fast as it should go.


5pm, were still at melong in the Moungo Division of the literal region. Most often, this is where passengers are given the opportunity to buy some food and eat. We were given just 5minutes as it was already getting late.
We continued on our journey and I distracted myself by answering legal questions from passengers who were concerned about some legal issues.

It is normal that the normal man should think that the law should be in the best of his personal interest but I spent time explaining that laws are enacted in the interest of all. I made it clear that the law is the law irrespecrive of wether it favors you or not. It was getting dark and we were yet to reach Loum the junction town from where I was to take a bike to Tombel. It was a long journey as we continued chatting and distracting ourselves from complaining.

At 8pm, I alighted from the bus at Loum while the rest of the passengers continued to Douala and the South West respectively.
Bikes were readily available to ferry me to Tombel town. It should be noted that Tombel is just a stone throw from loum. 25minutes ride on a bike. In less than 40 minutes I was in the house I was going to. On entering, I met an old time friend who did not allow me rest but wanted us to go for a drink. Its still 10pm and that’s normal time for them to go out unlike us in Bamenda.

I drank 3 bottles of mutzig and finally went home later at 1am. With all the tiredness, I took a bath and went to bed.

My stay at tombel

It was all about going to the farm and back since this is the main activity of the people in this area

At the Farm






Thanks for Reading.
God Bless You!

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