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Hi steemit friends
Hi steem Cameroon
Hi to the steemit world

Its is with honor that I am back again on the platform to do my diary game for Tuesday January 28 2023. Before I continue, permit me to say I am sorry for the long period of non-participation on the steemit platform. Reasons beyond my control made me unavoidably absent. I am back on board so we move.

a ponoramic view of the sky above the sky


It is a new year and we as usual are bound to work very hard to meet our goals. We are bound to work hard, to conquer and to win. It was on this note that I woke up as early as 2am to do some research on some issues we are trying to catch up with at the German embassy.


It should be noted that at this particular point in time I was in Yaounde ,Cameroon to see my boss off at the nsimalen international airport and he is on a business trip to Germany.


They were to take off at 5am.
I did my research until 3:00am when I took my bath and got ready together with my boss to go to the airport.
at the airport

We got to the airport at 4am one hour to the departure time. I was at the airport until he confirmed they had taken off for Germany.

Checking in
I went back to where I was and it was already 5.50am. it is day break and I am to get started with the activities of the day.

seated on board Ethiopian airlines

I recalled I had an appointment at the ministry of territorial administration where I had booked an audience to meet with the minister of territorial administration at 9am.


I did all my necessary preparations and at 8:30am, I was at the ministry so to avoid being late. It’s unfortunate that the security conditions did not allow me to cover my stay at the ministry with pictures but then I had a great reception at the ministry. Unfortunately I did not see the minister himself, but he had someone satisfy my needs and curiosity.


I left the ministry of territorial administration at 11am and headed for biyemassi where I was to meet with some people and after the meeting, I ate fruit salad
Fruit Salade

and it was time to go back to Bamenda. I went back to my hotel room took my bag and went my way. I passed by the filling station to fuel the car and went on my way to Bamenda.


I discovered my phone was 2% and I tried to charge it. But I could not find my USB cable. I pulled over and searched the whole car but could not find it. I recalled it was still at the hotel socket and I was far off from the town of yaounde already.



I had to endure travelling with my phone with a low battery. I drove a mille further again and pulled over. I had no choice than to swap my sim card from Samsung phone to my small button phone and this one was fully charged.


Anyone who could not get to me online could get to me offline via normal call. At about 3pm I had passed the town of Bafoussam and this is the nearest town to Bamenda. I was getting tired and feeling sleepy at the same time. If I were to stop here, it means I might have to spend an hour to sleep and rest but if I were to continue, I were to use 40 minutes to reach Bamenda with a Chevrolet jeep.


After accessing my body count, I decided to continue and at exact 4:10pm, I was in Bamenda town.



After a tiring and a long drive from yaounde to Bamenda, I went straight to Ayaba hotel where the car was to be washed.

Lucky enough there were very few cars at the car wash so I was able to convince those doing the car wash to concentrate on the one I came with because I wanted to travel out of the region and it was getting late.


We all know no one is supposed to leave Bamenda town towards the west region from 7pm in the evening because of the security situation. It was not possible with the presence of the police on the roads check point but that is not the case today.
The army and the BIR are in charge now and you could pass but you have to tell them that nothing will happen to you and that you will be careful enough not to fall into the hands of the ‘boyses in the bushes’ in the words of the MINAT boss.
When I left the hotel, I stopped at 911 and commercial avenue to eat roasted fist and a bottle of beer
before retiring home to have a good rest.
Thanks for Reading
God Bless You.

 last year 

Nice write up @echamroland. Sorry about the hectic day, being up early and going to the airport, driving out of place , forgetting your usb and all that. I can understand how i was. When driving for long distances and not too used to , it normal to feel sleepy and tired but its good you had to rest.

Same we all know it not advisable to move around Bamenda when its night fall because of the insecurity. Well take care of your self and more strength to you 🙏

 last year 

Thanks for the wonderful and encouraging comment Bro..

Its indeed an amazing Reply.

 last year 

Yes you are right that we have to keep moving to meet our goals. That is main purpose of our life. We have to move otherwise the world will destroy us..
You have entertained us with your beautiful blog. I like the way yoy have presented each and everything with such an accurate imagination.

Best regards: @tayyab100

 last year 

Thanks for the wonderful Comment bro... I appreciate

 last year 

No need to thanks bro

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