Steem Cameroon Best Day Contest- 28-11-2023

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Hello guys,

I bring you warm greetings from my part of the world. A big thanks and appreciation to this wonderful community for such a previlledge to write on our best days, I am so glad to show my participation which I believe that, you would enjoy reading through.

I woke up so early at about 5:15 am and started praying in thanks giving to God for another beautiful day which some people wished to see but they couldn't. I went out after the prayers to sweep and mop my room to my taste after which I bathed and got dress to start moving.


I had some spaghetti in the fridge and the only thing I did to safe my time and energy was to microwave it and that was all. I enjoyed every bit of this yummy food.


During my undergraduate program, I applied for a scholarship because I was having a good grades as at that level, so we were informed to go to the school where we graduated to claim the compensation which is 20,000 equivalent to 66 steem and on my way going, the transportation caused me about 3000 naira, which is about 10 steem.


At the venue

I got to the venue at about 10:19 am which I was not too late, they were issuing cards and going through credentials to be sure of the verification. Mine was not verified so I had to stay aside to wait and even when I waited I was asked to just go home since my name is not found in the list.


Coming down to the school after a while gave us room to see again as class mates. Since my name was not found, I decided to spend some times with my mates, hosting and remembering the old good days we had while in school.


I arrived home at about 3:15 pm and the reason why I chose today to be my best day was not because of meeting or seeing my mates again no! It's my best day because I began my Christmas 😊 I slaughtered one of my chickens and so happy because I cooked it to my taste and it's yummy!


I had to cook rice because I won't survive eating meat alone, I spent my little time to give my best in cooking the food, it tastes deliciously the more because I used the stock I cooked the meat which made the rice sweeter.


Having a great combination of rice, beans and chicken is always enjoying, flowing and delicious. My day was great, I enjoyed every bit of it with this plate of rice and I know you would like to have this on your table soon.


After all, I took a warm bath and now resting, at the process of resting, I started writing about my best day. I ginished writing and slept off so when I woke up around 5 this morning ai decided to post. My post is carrying yesterday's date because the pictures were taken yesterday. Thank you all for reading through my post, and I warmly invite friends to join too.

I love you all



Thank you, friend!
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Thank you for inviting me. It is good to see how your school is compensating good students with good grade. Best of luck you.


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