Why I Would Make A Good MOD For Steem Cameroon

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Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹,

I greet y'all great Steemians, It's with great joy and a thankful heart for everyone who want me to be a MOD in this beautiful Community. I want to give a big thanks for everyone for trusting and believing in me that I can be a good MOD and I will assure y'all that I'm gonna do my best and work with my sincere heart and push this community to higher heights

My Brief Introduction

I have been in this platform for 10months(Signed up since April 2021) and I have published over 3,000 posts with a remarkable reputation of 67 and a total STEEM Power of about 4,300 SP with the intentions of hitting 5k SP by March 30th as you can see in this post. After achieving my 5k SP, my next target will be to hit 15k SP by December 30th 2022 meaning I have a lot of work to do.

Steemit is my only official blogging site I'm working on. That is why I'm so much committed to this platform and ever since I signed up in April 2021, I have never gone for weeks without being active (that is to say my account have never gone 7 days without a poster). This shows my commitment to this great platform and that is why I have been able to introduce a lot of Steemians in here, I have also followed up and guided so many because of my love to always see everyone at the top.

I'm also belonging to so many communities but my main communities are @steem-cameroon, @steemkidss and Crypto Academy Community but with steemcameroon the most priority over all because of my love for our beloved country. I have delegated an outstanding 1k to this great Community and besides that, I'm also a steemcameroon njangi member(shareholder of steemcameroon) meaning that I have love and admiration for this community.

With the way I usually see when newbies face difficulties and more to that, complaining of the resource credit as they are unable to post, I usually delegate a portion of my SP to them because my intentions are always to see everyone at the top.

Screenshot_20220224-051353.jpgScreenshot taken from Steemworld

The screenshot above is showing just few details about me and I think my remarkable achievements speaks for me because of what I have been able to achieve here due to my commitment on this amazing platform

Why I Will Make A Good Steem Cameroon MOD

1: Experience: I have been in Steemit for close to a year now and I have experience both the highs and lows of this platform. My lows started as I faced a lot of difficulties as a newbie but due to my hardwork, I came out victorious and that is why I have been able to build my reputation and STEEM Power within this my short time here on steemit. I had long completed my achievement task and was verified a pro newcomer with very high rating and ever since I have been able to master effectively all the steemit etiquette.

2: Popularity: I have been active in so many communities and that have caused me to know a lot of Steemians across the world, so if given me the opportunity as MOD, I will be able to connect and bring people from different communities in this our community and also encourage them to delegate a portion of their SP into our official account(a very important thing I most do)

3. Love For My People: I'm a Supportive and collaborative Steemian who will always want to see everyone at the top. This is the reason why I have been doing giveaways and delegating to Steemians most especially the newbies to encourage them to steem on and always be active. My hands are always open and ready to support all my fellow Steemians in any way possible to grow. This is the reason why I love guiding and helping them in all their difficulties they always bring to me

4. Steem My Main blogging Site: Steem is my official blogging site, so due to this, I always have the patience to read and understand Steemian's post by living them with an engaging comment. It's to know that I'm also an excellent content creator with over 3,000 content

5. Activeness: I'm extremely very active on Steem with the help of good equipments such as constant internet(back to back), quality phone, laptop and WiFi box that always enables me to continually being active. So this will enable me to always attain to most Steemians on time

6. Recruiting More Steemians: I have been recruiting Steemians on daily basis, so if given me the role of a MOD, I will be able to boost my potentials of recruiting, rewarding and retaining more and more Steemians every blessed day via my campaign strategies

7. Constant Power: I will constantly be powering up and i shall never go out of any club status. I will become club75 by weekend and I will continue maintaining the club status and one day jump to club100. This is because I want to hold more STEEM so that I can be using it to support my community and my fellow Steemians via delegations, giveaways and contest. So giving me this MOD role will further help strengthen my intentions and plans for this great Community

I think these are just a few things I have said about my intentions of being a MOD

So it will be an honor passing on the role of a MOD because it will motivate me to step up with my great plans for steemcameroon

My Vision And Plans For Steemcameroon

This is the question I have always wanted to answer some day and here is the chance today. I have a lot of plans and vision for this great Community which I will be giving them point by point

  • My first plan is to recruit, mentor, reward and retain a lot of Steemians and I shall always passed by their blogs most often so as to upvotes, re-steem and live them with an engagement comment so as to motivate them.

  • Together with the existing Admins and MODs, we will make sure Steemians never lack a contest to participate in by always keep them busy and active and I will make sure I always reward them at the end of each other.

  • These community have plans to hit 100k SP by December 30 2022, I will join forces with the admins/MODs and make sure we push these plans to go through so that we could achieve our target even earlier before time. I will be doing Constant Power up so that I can be able to also help my community hit it's target by December 30 and I will also be using

  • With my experience and more knowledge about steem, I will be looking forward in collaborating with all my fellow steem Cameroonians so as to build a more collective, supportive and and vibrant community

So if given me the opportunity to be a MOD, I will work together with the Admins and other MODs so that we make steemcameroon one of the best if not the best community with our hard works and dedication and I will make sure I do my utmost best to play my own role full heatedly and serve my people fairly and I will love to see steemcameroon reach another level. So just get ready able Steemians for you guys will love my work and sacrifice for this great Community if finally I'm a MOD


It will be a pleasure working in this wanderfull community as part of the leaders and thanks once more to everyone who nominated me in WhatsApp group for this beautiful role of MOD. I plead ๐Ÿ™ on y'all to continue giving your support to me by up-voting, re-steeming and living behind engagement comments because this your support shall go a long way to help me


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ย 2 years agoย 

Wow!! This incredible post must have taken you the whole day to compose. Its wonderful and well articulated๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ I wish you the best and give you my support to becoming our MOD.
more grease to your elbows.

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for your support brother man. This will go a long way to help me

ย 2 years agoย 

Following your write up kindly without mixing words your an ambitious and hardworking person. You really deserve the Mod post in steem cameroon . Continue doing the greate work. I am so proud and happy to be steemian all thanks to your encouragement and mentorship. God will see you through and continue doing the greate work ๐Ÿ™.

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks a lot brother. I'm happy you have been able to learn and explore this platform under my mentorship. I promise to do more things and make this community a fun fill and purposeful community even with or without a leadership role

ย 2 years agoย 

Your welcome brother. God will see you through i believe you will be a good leader

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks once more for the well deserved wishes brother

ย 2 years agoย 

Bro are get you faith nor , all thing way you talk day chack , are trust u for talk the talk then work the work

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement brother

ย 2 years agoย 

This is a really great detailed post about you and it is well appreciated. I stand by you for the position of MOD in this community

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for your support brother man, I acknowledge the fact you are on my side in support of me

ย 2 years agoย 

It's all good bro

ย 2 years agoย 

I'm happy you wish to be one of our leaders dear. You are indeed a very hard working and committed Steemian and I admire your love and care for use newbies because I can remember finding it extremely difficult to post on steemit due to resource credit and almost gave up but you were there to rescue me by delegating me 100 STEEM and that help me a lot.

You introduced me to Steemit exactly 1month ago and I have already built my reputation very fast because of your encouragement. I remember you always hitting my DM to ask me to keep on posting and posting. Here am I finding it less difficult to steem due to your constant mentorship and guidance. I wish you all the best in this application

Long Live STEEM Cameroon

ย 2 years agoย 

I'm short of words to appreciate your kind hearted comment dear. Thanks a lot for your wishes and I promise to serve you guys more with or without a leadership position

ย 2 years agoย 

I will not agree any less with you that this is an outstanding write up here.

I also stand for the fact of your remarkable contributions towards @steem-cameroon and therefore wish you the best in your quest for becoming a MOD in Steem Cameroon ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฒ.

Long live @steem-cameroon

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for your support man. It's an honor to be supported by you and as you know me personally, I will continue doing my work here so as to support steemcameroon and everyone with or without a leadership position because of my love for this beloved community

ย 2 years agoย 

So far this article has given the ambition of becoming a MOD one day with steemit.
Great write up and you well spell out your credentials without adding anything to it and your point of interest to help people success in this platform is just so massive.
I have actually been a beneficiary from your mentorship and you helped me out alot without delay.
My few weeks into steemit you made me understand nearly everything
I hope your wish comes to pass..

ย 2 years agoย 

To be frank with you bro, I'm overwhelmed with how you have started this steemit journey because I don't actually need to force or remind you to blog. Instead I'm always surprise seeing you on my DM with a link post that you have already created. That means you are really adapting very fast and I'm willing to help you and all other Steemian who are very serious so that you guys can grow and meet me at the top because I'm seriously waiting for y'all at the top

Thanks once more for your support

ย 2 years agoย 

I believe with you at the top
It will encourage people to do more

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for trusting the process brother

ย 2 years agoย 

This is amazing from @chiabertrand. From the way I know you personally and from your steemit profile as detailed here๐Ÿ‘†, you should be the most qualified person to serve as MOD in this community. Your ambitions, commitment and achievements all speak for you...
You have my full support ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค

ย 2 years agoย 

All thanks to yaweh, I truly appreciate your support and nice comment brother. Let's just hope the best person that deserve this position should be granted on to him

ย 2 years agoย 

Love For My People: I'm a Supportive and collaborative Steemian who will always want to see everyone at the top. This is the reason why I have been doing giveaways and delegating to Steemians most especially the newbies to encourage them to steem on and always be active. My hands are always open and ready to support all my fellow Steemians in any way possible to grow. This is the reason why I love guiding and helping them in all their difficulties they always bring to me

I strongly agree with you on all the reasons why you should be added to the already existing MOD. Your devotedness to to assist newbies when they need your help and attention is rare and have learned alot from the few weeks of talking to you. You're one of the very most active steemians amongst these nominees and I know you deserve to be a MOD. I know people campaigns are made with juicy words but your reasons portrays the real @chiabertrand I have met.Together with the existing admins you guys will continue making us proud.
Congratulations ! Because you will emerge the new male MOD added to the team

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks so much for your kind hearted words dear. I really do appreciate because this will go a long way to support me. I hope the person that will finally emerge the winner will truly be the deserved

ย 2 years agoย 

Wow congratulations bro and I wish you the best. I know that with your hard work you will succeed and I'm one of those you those you mentor, check on me when you don't see my post on this platform. Thanks once more I have learned from you something you may not know, hardwork, availability and determination.... More grace bro.... ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

Below is just one of the text I decided to screenshot

special Thanks to @thegreens and his team for the work they have been doing more Grace to your elbow๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
Long live @stream.cameroon

ย 2 years agoย 

Thanks for your beautiful comment @fannyuy, let's just wait for the truely deserve person now

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